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Thanks to +byron rempel for sharing's so true. If you're just getting started with #googleplus , the engagement will come. 

See the ripples so far:
So I'm sharing, where is all the engagement?

So there I was cycling to work, in some lovely sunshine with a desire to do a bit of G+ sharing,

I was thinking about my time here and what I have learnt and observed, and I thought maybe something about what I have learnt about engagement.

You've been reading all these posts on engagement, G+ etiquette, and how this is the greatest of all places for us to share and engage with others.

you've been sharing stores, news articles and other posts that you find interesting, amusing, or just plan informative, and you're not seeing the engagement all these posts have lead you to believe is out there.

You get the odd plus 1 and short comment from people who you've been speaking with for a while now, but nothing more.

What are you doing wrong?

Well in my experience you get what you give, have you got realistic expectations about the engagement your post will receive, do you have a large follower base, have you been building a reputation as the person to follow to get news about your interests.

 Are you new here with a small base of followers, are you still building your reputation here?

Are you just sharing links to other sites, quick share of other peoples posts, amusing images?

You can not expect to get engagement if you don't provide a platform for people to engage with, when you share something do you write your thoughts and view about the topic, to give those who read it something to engage with you about on your share?

Every time you post you should have a realistic expectation about how much engagement it could receive, unless you have established your self as a person to follow to get interesting news stores, my experience tells me the amount of engagement you get is directly related to the amount of time and energy you put in.

What does that mean?

If you just clicked to share and made no comments expect low level engagement, this means that the smaller your base of followers the less will happen on that post.

If you spent time thinking about what you are sharing and putting your thoughts about it above your share you can expect a much higher level of engagement, and finally if you have spent the time thinking about something and framing it all in your own words sharing your knowledge, experience and wisdom about what you are passionate about then I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much engagement you will get.

It isn't a secret formula, there's no short cuts, the more time and energy, and YOU that you put into your post, the more people will engage with it.
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