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Enrique Santos
"I poisoned your wine! For the good of the land!"
"I poisoned your wine! For the good of the land!"
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Just to let everyone know, I am transferring my Google+ activity to my Google Apps For Your Domain account. I was under the impression the circle transfer process was also going to have everyone else's circles point to my new profile, but I suppose not.

Please add +Enrique Santos to your circles. I should be using that account from now on.


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Some timely Triumph.*

*For those of who who aren't familiar with Triumph the Insult's through at your own risk :)

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+Linus Torvalds laying the smackdown.

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A Public Service Announcement for these uncertain times: Remember to practice safe Internets.

The Crypto Project acts as a central resource for the tools you need to securely communicate with others, along with links to current research in the field.

When your information stream is flooded by messages about Congress' latest attempt to pass bills censoring the Internet, I see the greatest defense against such abuses is actually using technologies that make such laws much harder to enforce in reality.

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Huh. The last time I saw it Fallout shelter was near Baltimore. I had no clue there were any in Atlanta.

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#sharebros forever!
Sharebro redo Updates:

Now named HiveMined
Commenting now works, but has some bugs. Going to iron that out soon.
Can view all your followers shares in proper order (aka when they where shared)
Built a auto feed updater as well. So no need to click refresh unless you want the newest of the new. (need to test this against 1000's of feeds still, so we'll see how it holds up)
Coming soon site up: (Thanks again to +christine eslao for coming up with it. And all the sharebros who weighed in)
There is also a twitter (!/hivemined ) and a blog ( ) set up. Not much there, but I will push out greater stories and site updates there.

If you go to the site there is a an email form where you can subscribe and I will email you when I need more testers, inviting to use site, or launch. Not much else will go out on it. So sign up if you want a helpful reminder incase you forgot to check back here/twitter/blog/site.

Also great news. Thanks to my good friend +Peter Shafer the share bookmarklet is nearly 100% if not better then the reader one.

Going to crank on this weekend. I hope to start early invites of people who don't mind half working site that might lose their data before monday. So stay tuned.

Thank you all for the outcry of support, interest, ideas, and shares. I will work to make this awesome for us all.

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It might be my anger over Reader talking, but I'm becoming pretty saddened by Google's "solutions" the more I hear them.

Yeah, yeah, I should leave them if I don't like it; but I do think it's important to note this is a trend caused by our willingness to hand over the means of communications to companies that value themselves according to how many users they have. More importantly, it's the willingness of those we wish to communicate with that determines what services we join.

Simple protocols and interesting implementations of those protocols through unique clients was how the Internet started. Now we're all using the same clients that are hosted on servers we don't control, and there's little way to connect them with other services aside from thin APIs that are subject to change at any moment.

Google is better about openness than most other companies and they mean well for the most part; but while programmers could just write their own clients in the past and host their own servers, we're subject to the rules of our digital landlords when we're talking about social networks.

I suppose that's the trade-off to the accessibility that monolithic platforms provide to the layman. I'm pretty sure a middle ground can be reached in the future. I know I've already started some experiments in this domain myself.

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This is beyond fucked up.
Last night, Oakland, CA- police lobbing tear gas bombs at protesters, including at an Iraq war veteran who passed out and was laying unconscious on the ground in front of them. He is now in critical condition in an Oakland hospital with a skull fracture.

If you find this type of excessive force and police brutality disturbing, please reshare.

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RIP John McCarthy, AI Pioneer and Lreator of the Lisp programming language.
It's a tough time for Tech pioneers.

Be sure to read his short story "The Robot and the Baby".
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