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Empowering survivors of intimate partner abuse
Empowering survivors of intimate partner abuse

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Aftermath of abuse from a pathological partner ...
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"It might help to think of healing a traumatized mind as one would think of interacting with a traumatized child. We would treat them gently, with patience and nurturance, right? 

We would not want to repeatedly discuss the details of their abuse, or inflame their pain by interacting harshly or with impatience.

You deserve that same approach from yourself (and from others) during the often raw and intense period following a relationship with an abusive partner." - Neuroinstincts

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Pathological relationships are usually abusive .......
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Is the emotional immaturity in psychopathy due to arrested development?

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Can someone with psychopathy change?

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"Let’s discuss psychological and emotional abuse. These forms of mistreatment target the mind of the abuse victims and can create lasting damage." © 2014 NeuroInstincts

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I Can't Get Enough of You | Romantic Relationships & Psychopathy
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Time and time again, individuals with psychopathy meet the love of their lives; woman of their dreams; the one they cannot live without.

Their dysfunctional cycle of 'love' repeats itself with different partners. Each time they accept no or minimal accountability or responsibility and tend to blame the non-psychopathic partner. (Read more on Facebook)
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The Possible Mission
© 2014 NeuroInstincts
The learning gained in the aftermath of a narcissistic or psychopathic relationship will be more valuable to some than any degree or diploma.

Psychopathy awareness, insight, and education has such a powerful impact on future safety, emotional health, choices, and decisions regarding relationships that one does not want to miss this window to learn. 

The pain may be so great that one may want to re-engage with the psychopathic/ narcissistic individual or immediately start a new romantic relationship without taking a moment to learn from this adverse situation. 

The healing process involves many components, ups/ downs, starts and stops - but the end result is definitely worth it.

Most will not be the same after this experience - but would one really want to be? It is better to go through life with a realistic grasp of the range of human behavior. 

• There are kind people in the world, however, if you are here, you understand that there are those who ascribe absolutely no value to anyone other than themselves. They use others in the most intimate and violating manners and then throw them away without an ounce of guilt or concern. There tends to be hate, antagonism, and some will even punish in the process. 

It is important to know that this kind of romantic partner is out there in the dating pool.

Knowing that makes it less likely that one will be a target or victim in the future. 

There is so much to learn during the healing process. Not only about the person with psychopathy or Narcissistic Personality Disorder - but also about self.
© 2014 NeuroInstincts

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Ten Ways to Live Free From Fear
Fear and #PTSD seem to go together and so this might be helpful for some of you
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