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The Different Types of Pressure Switches - At Telematic Controls, we offer a variety of pressure switches to fit the needs of the industries we serve. Selecting the right pressure switch for the right job will ensure efficiency in your system and longevity of the device. Let's examine all the different types, and their specific applications: Gauge Pressure Switches (Hazardous / Non-Hazardous) Gauge pressure switches use a diaphragm with a Belleville spring to actuate when a pressure set point is reached. Gauge pressure switches can reach very low to very high pressures, and can be manually adjusted at any time. Best suited for well pump & compressor pressure control, gauge pressure switches are available for both hazardous and general purpose applications. Differential Pressure Switches (Hazardous / None Hazardous) Differential pressure switches work by comparing relative pressures between two points. The device will actuate on pre-determined high-end and low-end. When the pressure is equal, the switch does not move. Different

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