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f you want to know what the Monsanto Protection Act was, it's always good to temper boiling blood with a little laughter, to keep the blood pressure down. So let Jon Stewart explain it to you!

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Oh, Google, how I love thee!

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#WestWing fans, rejoice!

Watch the cast of West Wing reunite to film a campaign commercial.  It discusses the procedural issue of the non-partisan portion of a ballot.  (In this case Michigan.)  

It also endorses Bridget Mary McCormack for MI Supreme Court.  How cool to be endorsed by President Josiah Bartlett!

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Added photos to Peace Day.

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Painting the dear Seagull in Grand Marias, MI.

While Josiah, Ellie and I are loving the blue waves of Lake Superior, we miss having Matt and Rayna here with us.  (Can't wait to see you both!)

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Coming to HBO in 2016: "The Hunger Game Change"

Woody Harrelson returns to reprise both his role as put upon GOP adviser Steve Schmidt, as well as the curmudgeonly alcoholic Haymitch Abernathy. Together they attempt to shepherd Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan (played to the hilt with icy, cool Objectivist flair by Zac Efron) through the trials and tribulations he's sure to face from the "gotcha!" media on the campaign trail. A highlight is sure to be the flash-card sequence, cleverly referencing Sarah Palin's ordeal in 2008; only, this time, the flash cards are for math!

Schmidt: "What is -$4.6 trillion in tax cuts + $0 in spending offsets?"
Ryan: "Budget neutrality? John Galt? Parasites? Jell-O?"
Haymitch: "Dammit kiddo, they're gonna eat you ALIVE if you start with that shit."
Ryan: "It's all in the Bible. I'm Catholic."
Schmidt: "Umm, actually, it's not in the Bible. Jesus likes poor people."
Ryan: "He does?"
Haymitch: [takes a swig of vodka] "Listen," burp "just don't mention the Bible. Stay with your strengths."
Ryan: "Oh! In that case, here's my new Blueprint for Rich, White American Prosperity. Kind of catchy, huh?"
Schmidt & Haymitch: "Oh no, another BLUEPRINT?" comic kazoo music


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Seeing our little star,Rayna on stage!

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