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Meanwhile, here in backwater USA, I can't even get @verizon to reliably deliver me 5Mbps:

How a company should approach innovation: "Programmed innovation" by Harry Coover,

What's the list of programmer-y things that all games programmers should know?

Where the heck did I put my Bad Badtz-Maru license plate frame? I need it now!

Time to finally give this thing a try, since I'm frustrated with twitter fucking up the single useful feature of their app (the threaded view). At least this won't have that problem!

Why do all current PCs have to have blue (or red) glowing lights all over the PC case? Does that even appeal to nerdy teenage boys these days?

It seems a lot of people are expecting me to use this thing. Is that some sort of peer pressure?

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Interesting article (in Swedish, sorry) about Google building large data center in Sweden. (Use Google translate to translate it.)
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