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Check out our new video about Baby Major Steps. It's about adding more than one child in the database and some tricks with the widget:

DO NOT uninstall the Baby Care Log App if there are troubles. You'll loose all the data, even if you use autosync function. Send us an email and we'll solve the problem.

Baby Care Log, Sync Function.
Please find below the main sources of misunderstanding we discovered:

1. The system was not configured properly. Three possible causes:
- one of the devices was not activated (configuration step 3);
- storage was not checked;
- storage ID is not identical.

2.The system is expected to do something different than stated in the documentation:
- to synchronize everything (it can only sync the actions recorded after the activation;
the rest of them can be transferred with the backup function);
- to sync instantaneously (the sync speed depends on the server; it can take up to 1-2 minutes).

3. The troubleshooting service:
- it isn't used/it is ignored;
- if used, we answer quickly and leave no problem unsolved;
- even after solving the problem, some people who wrote bad reviews did not modify their comments,
thus causing a chain reaction of negative attitudes.

We hope this can help you fix any issue you may have encountered. We are, as always, ready to be of further assistance if necessary. Thank you for choosing our app!

New sync looks a little complicated. Here's a detailed step by step config for it:
1. Login on Device1;
2. Press "CREATE STORAGE" button on Device1;
3. Login on Device2;
4. Type "Storage Id" obtained from Device1 in Device2;
5. Press "VERIFY STORAGE" button on Device2;
6. Activate Sync on Device1;
7. Activate Sync on Device2;

Now automatically the sync should start. On some devices is good to reopen the app.
Note that just actions recorded after activation will be sync-ed.

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Improving together:
We want to know how we can help you! So please comment this post with the feature you want the most. If it already was added by another user add a like for the feature. This will help us prioritize and plan future releases.

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TIP of the DAY:

In both Baby care Log and Baby Major Steps if you tap where the baby age is displayed the age format will change. There are 3 formats: days, weeks/days, years/months/days.


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In Baby Care Log for an action everything is editable:
- Start date and time;
- Measurement unit: (Ex.: ml, oz (UK), oz (US));
- Max values (Bottle feeding);
- Notes;
- Timers (breast feeding and sleep);
- Pee, poop;
- Items list (medicine, generic, solid food).

The version 1.77 for Baby Care Log (that fix the sync bug which close the app) was released in the same day when the trouble started. But the spreading in Google Play took two days.

Sorry for all the trouble and thank you for patience!

Baby Care Log, Sorting Actions:

- Actions can be sorted by type or by date (you have a menu item for that) .
- Also you are able to set (from settings) if the newest or oldest action of a day to be displayed first.

In Baby Care Log you can sync between several devices.
We call it autosync.

These are the correct steps to sync:

1. Just create an account on ONE device.
2. Log in with the same credentials on the OTHER device, and that's it.

Each time you create an entry it will be sent to our server.
Each time you open the app it will check what is new on our sync server and download it.
Of course you should have the internet connection active all the time.
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