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Building the web since before you knew there was a web.
Building the web since before you knew there was a web.

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What's a good way to power a smallish portable project? My wife has a clear "bubble" umbrella, and I've been wanting to add LEDs to it. There are 8 struts, each about 2ft long. So with 30/m strips, I should get 20 LEDs per strut, for a total of 160 lights.

Obviously, I'm going to avoid trying to light them all simultaneously at full brightness (9.6A). I have a bunch of 18650 LiPos (3.7V, 3000 mAh). I figure I'd probably need to put some in series @ 7.4V, then use a regulator back down to 5V. Any suggestion for one that will get a decent current output?

I'll probably use a Teensy (3.2?) to drive things. Should I use an OctoWS2812, too, or could I get away with skipping that? Also, could a Teensy LC drive 8 outputs, or would it be too limited for this?

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Hey folks, a while back I received my Tessel 2, but I just haven't had much time for hobby projects. But a few days ago, I finally pulled it out, just planning to tinker a little bit with some LED strips and rings. Only to find out that the T2 firmware doesn't have any support for WS8211/12 yet.

The T2 runs OpenWRT on a MediaTek SOC for wifi and programming via JavaScript (nodejs), with a SAMD21 for interfacing to the world. Is there anyone here who might be able to help in their efforts to get a low level driver working? There's an open issue here:

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Halloween Blinky Eyes project.
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"Ours go to Eleven."
The Eleven is a hackable desktop 3D printer with an open-air design:

#Atmel   #3DPrinter   #3DPrinting   #Kickstarter  (via +ISG3D)

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Okay, this isn't using FastLED, so I hope you don't mind the share. But it would be easy to port it.... 

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We love book stores. ❤️
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Prototype for a Halloween project -- Blinky Eyes! Pairs of eyes appear, blink a few times, then disappear again. Created with a Particle Core and 2 meters of WS2812B LED strip.

Ignore the fact that I have my lights in a cylinder. The eventual idea is to hide them in the shrubbery outside my house, so that it will appear that creatures with glowing eyes are peering out from their hiding places.

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I almost didn’t write this post but it is time to celebrate WordPress’ 12th Birthday (12 years since the first release). But then I thought I wanted to say a couple of things. So, WordPress has come a long way. A huge collective of talented people…
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