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Sheridan Voysey
I am a writer, speaker and broadcaster on faith and spirituality
I am a writer, speaker and broadcaster on faith and spirituality

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A few years ago I found myself in a rough part of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. I was interviewing families about their lives. A few minutes into one interview, our assistant came and told us we needed to leave now. A gang leader was gathering a mob to ambush us. And he had a machete.

What followed is one reason why I'm a Christian.

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Today I'm publishing an entry from someone’s private journal – someone who has walked the wilderness between head and heart, learning to trust God through deep disappointment. Her prayer conversation starts like this:

Do you trust Me?


Do you believe that I know what’s best for you?


Are you content?



But see where the conversation heads next:

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'There are people who die well,' Eugene Peterson said recently, 'and I want to be one.'

After decades spent nurturing a worldwide audience through his 30-plus books, Eugene Peterson has indeed died well. Here are some personal reflections, my 2006 interview with him, some favourite quotes, and the spine-tingling details of his final days.

Humble. Faithful. Joyful. Present.

What a legacy this man has left us to imitate.

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In 2016 I found myself in the United States at the time of the Presidential election. Heading to Nashville airport one morning, my taxi driver asked my opinion of his preferred candidate. An hour of lively but friendly debate followed. As we pulled into the airport he said sadly, “I wish we could keep driving, because I can’t have conversations like this with my fellow Americans anymore. We’re so busy shouting at each other we’ve stopped listening to one another.”

His words echo far beyond the US, with political polarisation growing in Britain, Australia and Europe, along with the worst kinds of antagonism. How can we stay civil enough to listen to each other, whatever our differences?

Here are three ideas I want to commit to.

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I guess it's never comfortable sharing about your weakness, but here goes. Robert Coles, the eminent American psychiatrist, once noticed there were five marks of people heading towards burnout - beginning with weariness, moving to cynicism, then bitterness, and more. Here are those five marks, how I found myself walking towards each one, and what was needed to stop going any further.

If you're heading towards burnout, now is the time to intervene.

#burnout #rest #christian #ministry

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What is the gospel and what's your role in it? Introducing the Awakening project, a new 6-session DVD from Our Daily Bread Films that I'm privileged to host and contribute teaching to.

Clips and details here:

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I’m the tidy one, she's messy. I ask for directions, she doesn’t. She pays the bills, I do the washing. Sometimes I wonder how our marriage works, with all its differences and flipped stereotypes. Here's why I think it does.

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Evelyn Underhill once described heaven as a grand symphony that fills the universe. She also believed that some everyday experiences could open our ears to hear it playing around us. Through beauty, serendipity and the human impulse to pray, we can see heaven touch earth right now.

What about you? How have you seen heaven touch earth?

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You're charged with murder. You're convicted by a jury. You're sent to Death Row - where you stay for 28 years. But you're innocent. And yet you're able to stay joyful. How?

I think you'll love this story.
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