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God watches out for drunks, little children, and English teachers
God watches out for drunks, little children, and English teachers


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I've been blogging for nearly 15 (!) years now, and I confess I still don't understand a damn thing about stats, traffic, or making money from the whole venture. I have never had advertising or affiliate links on the website, and I've never really done much...

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On Top of the Mountain All Covered in Shit
That is the top of Mt. Rijani, in Lombok, Indonesa. What you don't see is all the shit up there, left by the dozens and dozens of trekkers who make the hike up to the crater rim in the busy tourist seasons. You also can't see me and Crazy Bob, although we w...

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Human Weakness
I'm in Bangkok for a couple of days, prior to flying to Bali for the last part of my summer holiday. I was all set last night to get drunk and head down to Nana Plaza and bang a whore, something that I almost always enjoy . But I slipped. I mean, I was jetl...

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GF Update
All right since everybody seems to be dying to hear it: Yes, I am still with the girlfriend, she has come to China several times. After seeing all the difficulties at the school I work at, however, she is not very enthusiastic about leaving her job and movi...

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Most young people, of course, think of themselves as both immortal and indestructible. Even into their 20s and 30s, many people feel that by sheer force of will they can somehow hold off the physical, social, and psychological effects of aging. Hell, I myse...

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The Saudis vs. the Chinese
I was hoping for a 180 degree switch from the difficult Saudi students I had, but that was not to be. There are a lot of similarities between the Saudis I taught for 5 or 6 years and the Chinese kids I teach now. There are a couple of big similarities: 1. H...

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TEFLpocolypse 2017: Two Shits and a Fuck You
As I finish the first year of my contract, the future is still precarious here in China. Last week was a tough week; I got a "fuck you" from one student and two "shits" from another one. The "fuck you" was from a fairly typical kid here -- actually pretty s...

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Baby Baby Baby
You know what my overwhelming impression of the expat scene in Beijing is? Baby carriages. I don't actually live in Beijing, I live an hour or so away, but I visit frequently. As I write this I'm having breakfast in a popular expat breakfast nook. There are...

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Self Help
They had plenty of self-help books when I was a kid, but I sure didn't know about them. The modern era of self-help probably started with Dale Carnegie's  How to Win Friends and Influence People , first published in 1934, although books about how to improve...

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TEFLpocolypse: Endgame
There's a story -- most likely not accurate -- that the early indigenous people, when they first saw the boats of the Europeans crawling over the horizon, simply couldn't see them. Their brains just didn't register something so far out of their experience a...
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