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A farmhouse sink is just one of 10 terrific ways to add cozy, rustic details to your cooking space:
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Why isn't my home selling?
by Angela Westgarth, The Personal Property Shop

It’s the one question you just wish someone would answer, “why isn’t my home selling?!” You keep being told that it’s currently a seller’s market and hear stories every day of houses selling in a matter of hours, so why then is yours STILL on the market. You ask your estate agent and they once again suggest dropping the price. Sound familiar?

I see far too many properties for sale that just simply aren’t selling. In the Bishop’s Stortford area alone you can find well over 150 properties that haven’t sold for between two months and two years! The good news is that price is not always, or even very often the issue. Here are the top 3 reasons properties don't sell, and better still...none include the price!

Presenting your home for the right buyer:

Have you considered, “what type of buyer are we trying to attract?” A two bedroom flat may well be an appealing option for a first time buyer, whereas a four bedroom detached house may well make a wonderful family home. Does your home appeal to that ideal buyer? So many of the properties you see sitting on Rightmove for months are simply not attractive to their target market. Most people do not have a vivid imagination when they view a property, they need to walk through the door and be wowed.


If you fancy a laugh then you really must check out Sam Ashdown’s wall of shame where she showcases the worst of estate agent photography including;

the accidental selfie…

the vendorbomb…

and pictures that are just plain criminal…

In my opinion it doesn’t take a professional to take really good property photos just a bit of planning and common sense.


It’s a sad fact that other people just might not like pets, especially those that are allergic to them. When you have a viewing, hide away bowls, litter trays and toys and if you have a dog then get someone to take it out for a walk while your viewing takes place. Dogs jumping up at viewers tends NOT to get you the offer you were hoping for. Remove other traces of pets such as hairs and doggy smells!

Do you have a property on the market that isn’t selling? Feel free to email me at and I would be more than happy to have a chat with you and offer some advice.

In my next blog… “How to make your home a buyer magnet”

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What is it about bungalows?
by Angela Westgarth, The Personal Property Shop

Monday 4th August 2014

In the last few weeks I have been absolutely inundated with buyers looking for bungalows, so it led me to consider what is it about bungalows that make them so popular? I was lucky enough to recently have a lovely bungalow to sell in Old Harlow. The interest we received was phenomenal and the property sold quickly in a matter of days, achieving 10% over the asking price (happy sellers, happy estate agent, and happy buyers that they found their dream home).

In a recent survey by Policy Exchange over 30% of people surveyed said they would prefer to live in a bungalow than any other type of property. However, in recent years the number of bungalows being built has dropped to an all-time low and they are often targeted for demolition. With fears of using up even more of Britain’s green and pleasant land, planning policy has sought to create more housing at higher densities. What does this mean? More and more blocks of flats and developments full of tiny “lookalike” houses crammed in to one area. In 2012 only 2% of houses given planning permission were bungalows and with more than ever being demolished, there are now thought to be less than half a million left in England.

It’s not just dwindling numbers that makes bungalows so sought after though. An obvious advantage is for the older generation. With no stairs and easier access to all parts of the home, those less mobile will undoubtedly be drawn towards purchasing a bungalow. They’re considered easier to clean and maintain, and that a more “open plan” style of living has its appeal. What has really surprised me though is that a massive 50% of those that have registered an interest in buying a bungalow are in fact younger, first-time buyers. Bungalows often sit in larger plots with spacious gardens, ideal for those with children. The large space though, lends itself to the possibility of being developed. Many property developers are targeting bungalows as a great option to extend, refurbish and sell them on for a tidy profit.

If you’re a fan of the bungalow, the good news is that local authorities are now being instructed to build more housing which is adapted to our ageing population. Could this mean an increase in the number of bungalows in the UK? We will have to wait and see! In the meantime, if you’re a bungalow owner then I am sure you’re giving yourself a big pat on the back right now.

I would love to know what you think, are you bungalow bonkers? Why not drop me a quick email at and let me know your thoughts.

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