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So I got a laptop for school.
It was a bit of a rushed decision.
Everything is mostly fine, except for the wireless adapter.
The adapter is a Realtek RTL8188EE. (
It only has one antenna connector.
I checked through WikiDevi to see if I could find anything similar by Atheros or Intel, but every time I get to a site like newegg or Amazon and take a look at the pictures, it always seems they have two antenna connectors.


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Chromium 35 has stacked tabs!
(although it cannot be enabled via chrome://flags) 
Enable to : chromium --enable-stacked-tabs

Or add it to the launcher. 

It probably won't be around for long though
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Font rendering between Firefox and Chrome/ium on Windows 7 and Arch Linux

This fastcompany page : (you'll have to scroll a bit to find that section)

That little banner (top left hand corner, "Slicker City") renders fine on Windows in Chrome and Firefox.
It does not render fine in Firefox on OpenSuse or Firefox on Arch Linux.
Renders fine in Chromium on Arch Linux though.

To anyone who notices that one title of a page in Chromium :

(not as bad as you might think.)
Font Rendering Horror
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Weird Theming in Gnome 3. I installed it last night and I noticed that it looks a bit off. I just wanted a few ideas as to what might be wrong before I left. 
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No video hardware acceleration in chromium. 
which is related to this :
(Expand All to read through that discussion)

They should really fix that override option to avoid confusing people.

This current setup has 
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13GHz and a NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210]

It's too bad cause I kinda feel like I've got this GPU in here for show, at least when using Chromium to playback video. The CPU gets to deal with the video, and then it gets all choppy and freezes up sometimes.

On the other hand, if I'm using mpv to playback the video, it's no problem.

I'm experiencing weird full system lockups. Kernel - 3.10.10 ?
I've got a Compaq SR2013WM.
The only hardware I've added are 2gb of RAM, a 40gb (for Windows) and a card reader.

I've had it happen before, and after a few minutes afterwards it threw itself back to the slim login screen. I managed to grab some logs then. (I'd post them, but right now I'm running memtest86 +)

//Update : No errors when memtest was finished.

Now every time it locks up, the only thing I can do is power it off.

Extra Information :
Desktop Environment : XFCE 4.10

And usually, I'm running weechat in terminator, Mplayer, chromium, and brackets-git.

//Update : Here are the logs

So...I did something a little differently.
For a little while I changed my user name in arch. (from first to yomi)
Today I decide to change the name of the home directory to update that change.
Only I changed the home directory name by manually editing /etc/passwd, and then using mv to rename the directory. I can still login just fine.

I'm using profile-sync-daemon, chromium doesn't sync to /tmp (the chromium directory in there is empty.)
The .config/chromium says first-chromium, while the one being sent to /tmp says yomi-chromium. 

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