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Choose adventure!

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This blog post is all about Amazon Mechanical Turk. While researching a business called Feedback Army, I discovered that their workforce is completely powered by Turkers.

That got me wondering, “What other businesses rely on Amazon Mechanical Turk for their workforce?” and “What are other creative ways that people use Turk?”

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Wow, what an incredible interview! This one brought tears to my eyes reading it.
"I do not blame the son for his father's sins." - Ben Lesser

A few weeks late on posting the update, but here is the overview and results of my 30 Day Spanish Challenge. Soy increíble!

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Here's my information extraction post from the book Hooked. <--Definitely read this if you're a product creator.

I am new in Costa Rica, but I learn quick. Here's something I wrote earlier today after my first week. I'll continue to add to this list over the next few months.

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Here's an idea I had about a feature for your navigation app that allows you to search for destinations within a certain time and distance along your route. Would you use this feature?

Here's a follow-up post to my idea that I shared the other day. You already know about me that I come up with a thousand ideas a year (some good, some bad), but don't have the time to execute a fraction of them. I'm going to start sharing my ideas and invention concepts on my blog. Here's my first post about that e-ink smartphone case.

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+Jimmy Kimmel Live says, "Sorry +Paul Drecksler  we ran out of time!"
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