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I always forget about this site, but I guess a lot of people do. See you again in another 6 months.

Oh shit, I forgot I had this. Hmm, well carry on people. :3

My toes are cold.

Oh, look, I'm checking to see if there's anything interesting on Google+. What, there isn't anything interesting on here yet? Oh well, bye again for another week or so.

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Ugh, really want to learn to use S-blades. The manipulations are so fucking amazing. ._.
Shao: s-blades manipulation ( buugeng, s shaped staff, s shaped knifes, bouble moon blades )

Moving back to La Puente in a few months most likely. Can't stand it in Palm Springs. I hate La Puente and the people I grew away from, but at least I might have a place to stay, so whatevz.

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Vanessa!!!!! Remember that one time where we saw Horse the Band live? SO MUCH FUN
Horse the Band - Lord Gold Throneroom

Damn, I'm kinda excited for Cali-bass. Gonna see old friends and spin some fire. Really excited to see Auidak, Grimblee, and I haven't been to that forest spot in a year or so. :3 Yeee.

Fuck yeah, a tow truck lowered it's back on my mom's car on accident while at a red light. -_-

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Going to Hungary in two years to experience this.
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