“Crazy Friday” OP
This is a story of a… well, not witch and wizard, though lots of green lights and some magic were certainly involved.
This story (like many more) is about night when Kiev and nearby cities Ingress went still after 35 layers were laid. These layers - over 2,0 mln MU each - covered millions of people, leaving most of the Enlightened players proud and sleepy, and most of the Resistance players…  uh, just sleepy, I guess. 
The magic started the day before, when suddenly we decided to do it on Friday)) All the planning and coordination were rapidly done, teams gathered. All preparations took us about a day.

Idea & coordination:@variation0 +Gelle Fra 
@NesidUA +Константин Козлов 
@Evgenus +Eugene Chernyshov 

@mnb3000 +Миша Ингрессов 
@NesidUA +Константин Козлов 

The OP started on the nice Friday evening which eventually grew in Saturday night.  Warm yet still windy winter weather accompanied us through our journey. Although the path was hard and  the roads were bumpy,  three teams managed to reach in time their destination points: Pryluky, Ovruch, and Bohuslav.
This time I can say we were lucky. We’ve met only two spoofers, and just the Ovruch team - one was green (@ninfintyn), and tried to capture all the portals in front of the team, the other was blue (@lttleFROG) and tried to destroy the first portal of the fields, it even succeeded to destroy 3 axa shields, so @rain87 had to drive back in the middle of OP to put some more axas.

Linking teams:
Team 1, Pryluky
@Evgenus- as driver
@Ioann1742- as navigator

Team 2, Ovruch
@rain87- as driver
@TheZvir- as navigator
Team 2, Bohuslav
@DGTL- as driver
@pokersteel- as navigator

Cross link removal teams:

Kalyta-Pavlivka -@NightHunterSV&@Fulkanelli
Buzova-Tsarevka -  @VeniaKor, @Raptor1223
Yasnogorodka -@Radone01
Sloboda-VinStavy -@Arventis
Glushky-Mironovka -@Arventis
Kyiv (Troya) - Oster -@cemion1
Pryluky (inner) -@Evgenus, @Len4uk, @Ioann1742
Ovruch (inner) -@rain87

Thirty five layers. 2,0 million MU each, which lasted for more than 3 CP.
About 70 million MU total 
8  onyx illuminator badges (@TheZvir, @Angoya, @drunaran, @popkadopka, @Ioann1742, @kuhar1986, @Macjio, @EKCTPEMICT)

I appreciate craziness of @pokersteel, our guest from Kharkov, as he exchanged a peaceful night before a big trip for a real adventure!

We also would like to thank RUE agents for helping us removing 3 cross-links. We gladly welcome the decision of the RUE organization to work with & help other (non-RUE) Enlightened agents of Ukraine! 
My personal gratitude goes to @NightHunterSV, who did inform us about this prudent decision.

Moreover we thank @MrKosss for extra help & support on intel.
And I personally appreciate great job done by @Angoya, as she helped me to create this sitrep.

Once again, Enlightened triumph! 
Ain’t no rest for the wicked!

+Ingress +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +H. Richard Loeb +NIA Ops 

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