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Democracy and the leaders, what can go wrong when power is vested in blind...
How much do we count on democracy? As much as we may expect,
I fear so much of abuses. Do we make an effort to elect a leader and end up
being targeted? Or do we make so much of effort in the name of tsawa-sum in
voting a government in to give power rather ...

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From Sumthrang to Bemji and Ugyenchoeling, a Genealogical journey
  Sumthrang, I have now known that it has spread its kinship
into many other religious nobilities in Bhutan. Every time I am in conversation
with my father, any one we talked about as we engage into genealogical history,
it ends up being one or the another ...

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Here comes the Sun
Guen Nyilo (Winter Solstice):  Some parts of Bhutan will celebrate winter solstice  (guen nyilo)  today, to mark  Nyilo,  the return of the sun. Nyilo,  according to the Bhutanese lunar calendar based on Buddhist astrology, is the first day of winter and th...

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Democracy: Nation secondary to number?
Is democracy all about ignoring the reality and going by Number? Where will we reach if we just rode on number? Democracy could have been a mode to reach a position to
create a better country and serve a nation so that people can leave a legacy of our own. ...

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PNP scapegoats the locals...
file photo: The stretch of rocky terrain in Sumthrang disturbed in 2013. If not Sumthrang temple, in hands of PNP it must have been met with a greater damage. “In 2013, a combined attempt
from dzongkhag, gewog and PNP to demarcate the nye failed to material...

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Heritage and sacred sites may be losing as the cultural kingdom await a law protecting the heritage sites
Phrumshingla National Park give a lead
to such a case in Bumthang….  The same tractor rushing down the stones from the sacred site on June 26 and 27, 2016 It is a sad story and shameful that it has to be known. A
country well known across the world as a Bud...

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Gruphai: the Suppose to be Phurbi Drupchen of Sumthrang
Sumthrang Chojey presiding over the Gruphai ritual The first annual ritual of Sumthrang monastery if the one day ritual ceremony known as the ‘Gruphai’ locally, which was suppose to be an annual Phurbi Drupchen on the begins on the 25th day of the first mon...

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