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Happy International Cheeseburger Day!! An American won the first round of the cheeseburger comp, my fella is up in next round!! #teamjames +James Dunlop #intlcheesburgerday #greaser

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Road Trip in the Highlands Part Two: Ancient architecture and wild scenery in Orkney
May 25 – Wednesday, May 28 Day One Having woken up reasonably early to pack-up the
campsite, so we could hit the road to make our ferry from the mainland of Scotland
to the mainland of Orkney – there were a few minor bumps along the way. There were ...

Currently writing part two of my blog entry about my road trip with my love +James Dunlop and my flat mates from May. It should be up on the blog tomorrow... stay tuned! #wip   #writtenbymorgan   #scotland   #visitorkney  

A week until our trip to #Ireland  & #NorthernIreland  ... Can't wait!!! #writtenbymorgan  

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Road Trip in the Highlands Part One: Wildlife spotting in Rothiemurchus
Friday, May 23 to Wednesday, May 28 Don’t you just love when spur of
the moment ideas work; ideas that have essentially come from thin air and work
out to be a fantastic idea, like our trip up to the Highlands with our lovely
flatmates Trav and Dweebs. We b...

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Finally finished writing about the three-day tour of the Isle of Skye with #macbackpackers  Enjoy Reading! Photos will be up on the Written by Morgan facebook page later on. #writtenbymorgan  

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Folklore and fantasies on the Isle of Skye
Monday, May 19 – Wednesday, May 21 The Isle of Skye was not a
place that has always been on my ‘places to go list,’ in fact I didn’t even
know about it until J and I made the move to Scotland, and I was constantly
told by friends, customers at work and some...

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Edinburgh: Home for the Moment
With just under three months until we depart this gorgeous and ever so fascinating city, I am starting to become a sentimental fool. The signs of how much I'm going to miss the place are slowly starting to show. Like every time I walk home and stop under th...
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