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Ignite: Your Sense Of Joy
The follow up to the homeless man getting a lottery ticket! Watch it and ignite your sense of joy, you won't regret it! xoxo Namaste

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Ignite: Your Sense Of Giving
Acts of kindness are happening around you everyday! I saw this video a while back and still to this day, after watching it over 10 times, I still cry. It's astounding the kindness that is shown from those who don't even have anything to really give! As you ...

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40 Days: WEEK 2 Challenge
Ok well folks it's that time again!!! Time for... ‪#‎ WeeklyChallenge‬   #2   smile emoticon This week the challenge is pretty simple! If you do not have access to WATCH videos online then I encourage you to do this by READING articles or listening to audio...

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GREATNESS Challenge: Week One
#GREATNESSChallenge  week one:     So recently I have been studying the concept of "affirmations" and their effect on the way we see ourselves, life, others, dreams, etc... And I have found in the past 2 years that affirmations on many different levels have...

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Join tsu today!

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Operation Viewpoint: Why I'm a feminist.
Share your thoughts with me on Feminism Frans! What definitions do you use to describe this word that has been looked at with both hatred and love for a long time. I share today a video by one of my favorite YouTubers, Laci Green, who often in her videos gi...

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Ignite: Your Sense Of Self
We all struggle with really feeling like we know ourselves right? I think one of society's biggest issues lies in not really knowing ourselves on a deep level. We align ourselves with standards set by others, views held by others, customs, traditions, and p...
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