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I just tried to update my virus definitions from the pre-release server which resulted  in a crash from Eset mobile security.  Even after rebooting my device it keeps crashing.  Is this a known problem?

I configured ESET mobile beta and it runs smoothly. I don't notice any impact on the performance of the phone. Question for the guys and girls from ESET, are you considering to add a firewall to the application? I do realise it might be possible to have it working only on rooted devices (not sure though). However, the one in your desktop version is very good therefore I wouldn't mind if it was a feature in the mobile version as well ;)

Just installed the software on my Samsung S4 and it runs smoothly. Only weird thing is that I have a month of premium and not the 6 months according to my licence.

A question, I have already protected my phone with a unlock code (via Android settings). If I use the anti-theft, I have to add another one. Won't that interfere with the already set one?
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