New in Google Now: news topics, website updates and what to watch

Google Now brings you the right information at the right time, and today we’re adding some new cards that tap into the richness and comprehensiveness of the web, putting it at your fingertips in a new and unique way.

If you’re a fan of a particular blog, the Website update card can bring you things like the latest post so you’ll never miss a story, and the News topic card brings you fresh articles from the web on topics you care about. The What to watch card gives you Movie and TV recommendations when you’re staying in.

There are a few other great additions in Google Now with today’s update: you can see traffic incidents on your commute using real-time data from Waze, set repeat reminders, get real time scores for rugby teams, and also see when your packages are ready for in-store pickup.

The update is available as part of the Google Search for Android app, which you can download now on Google Play:
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