If there’s one thing we know about Android fans, it’s that you’re hungry for apps. So hungry, in fact, that Android Market has reached 10 billion downloads worldwide! What’s even more exciting is the pace: you’re chowing down over one billion apps every month, and that speed is only growing.

We wanted to celebrate and share this milestone with you, the people who made it possible. So what better way than by offering you more of the apps you love? We partnered with some of the top Android developers to make a bunch of great apps available at an amazing price. Starting today, and continuing for the next 10 days, we’ll have a new set of awesome apps available for only 10 cents each. Today’s apps are:

Asphalt 6 HD: http://goo.gl/KNYbR
Color & Draw For Kids: http://goo.gl/n0qtX
Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro: http://goo.gl/cnZz2
Fieldrunners HD: http://goo.gl/vu44s
Great Little War Game: http://goo.gl/cro3L
Minecraft: http://goo.gl/o0GlB
Paper Camera: http://goo.gl/wtnOC
Sketchbook Mobile: http://goo.gl/kqv44
SoundHound: http://goo.gl/QoxqC
Swiftkey: http://goo.gl/rhmY7

Check in tomorrow to see what new apps our developer partners are making available on Android Market - for only a dime. And in the meantime, let us know what your favorite apps are in the comments!
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