US Android users, we’re rolling out a few new Google Music features to make your experience even better:

You already know that you can upload up to 20,000 songs to Google Music for free and stream them to your +Android device. Now we’re making sure the process is just as smooth for you to retrieve your music from the cloud. We just rolled out a new version of Music Manager that gives you the option to download all your songs from Google Music, including songs you’ve uploaded yourself and those you’ve purchased in the Google Music store. Your music will still be accessible from the cloud, so you will continue to have all the benefits of cloud access. Now if your computer crashes, you’ll have a great backup for your music. You can learn more in our help center article here:

And, for those of you that have enjoyed being able to share full plays of your purchased tracks with your circles on Google+, now you can easily share +YouTube videos for songs you’ve uploaded to Google Music. Click the dropdown next to the song title to share the video with your circles, and your friends on Google+ can see what really gets you moving.
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