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Compliance & electronic document manage software and smart print solutions.
Compliance & electronic document manage software and smart print solutions.

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Wondering how long to keep your documents before shredding? here's a basic guideline:
·Tax records and receipts (keep for seven years)
·Pay stubs and bank statements (keep for a year)
·Home purchase, sale, or improvement documents (keep for at least six years after you sell)
·Medical records and bills (keep at least a year after payment in case of disputes)
·Warranty documents and receipts (keep as long as you own them)

Finally, the last subset is the documents you need to keep the most recent version of:
·Social security statements
·Annual insurance policy statements
·Retirement plan statements (401(k), 529, IRA, etc)

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Today is FRIDAY! Enjoy the day with a peanut butter cookie - YUM. Pretend that the protein in the peanut butter will cancel out that calories, that's what I do :-)
Today is celebrated for the following: peanut butter cookie day, red rose day, jerky day - and many more. Enjoy your weekend - see you back on Monday.

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"Credit unions that deploy a mobile-first strategy are ideally positioned..." not just to attract & serve millennials but also to appeal to anyone who is tied into their mobile phone.html#sthash.8KXrs1GF.dpuf

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Best practices for credit unions & mobile devices.
People are rarely without their phones, ever.

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All set with security? 7 mistakes you might be making CDP can certainly help with backup, retention and more.

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The up & coming generation of consumers & workers, millennials, span 20 yrs, Stop lumping them into 1 group.

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Build a better society by building a better workplace. CDP is a great workplace. Top takeaways from a great workplace

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The only thing better than Friday is payday Friday or NATIONAL DONUT DAY FRIDAY. Here's where to get your free donut:

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Looking for a job? it's not enough to receive an offer, make sure it's a good fit for you. Here's some considerations

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