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There's hope for me! I'm 56, I'm just starting at the gym and I want to turn my health around.

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I'm Back!
Wow, I've neglected my poor little blog for awhile!  It's been a really busy time.  I've recently become a partner in the yoga studio where I teach.  While I created the website three years ago and have maintained it, I've also taken on creating all signs a...

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my husband and I work towards becoming debt free and getting rid of
excess I am becoming more and more aware of how society has been become a
slave to Capitalism and manipulated by marketing and advertising.
Consumerism has become a full-contact spo...

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My latest blog entry.  Hope you enjoy it!  Share if you think it would benefit someone else.

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Finding my Joy (and Balance)....Again
I have great ideas.  I am always thinking about how I am going to get in shape, lose weight, get off my diabetes meds, have muscles.  It never happens.  I can't get off the couch.  I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out why . I set up these ...

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My latest blog entry!  Follow me on my DIY Adventure and share if you think it worthwhile!

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DIY FUN: Lip Balm
We had a small 'crisis' this evening:  my husband's tube of lip balm disappeared out of the medicine cabinet.  A small thing really, until your lips are burning, dry and chapped which is a fairly common thing with the Polar Vortex and below zero temps and w...
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