#project52   #2012project52  [27/52 - Red, White, Blue]

Catching up :), with my Week 27's shot which is not Red White and Blue but a turly French Blue White and Red!
I shot it yesterday night (well, to be honest, this is a composite between two shots, I did not get the chance to see an actual Blue-White-Red moment ;)), during Paris' Bastille Day fireworks.
It was a first for me in "Saint Cloud", west of Paris, and I did not take enough time to find the perfect location, but I feel like I did quite ok with this last minute choice.

Of course, this is for +Project52-2012  curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church moderated by +Greg Berdan +LaDonna Pride +Sue Butler      
But also for #sacredsunday   #sacredsunday  by +Manfred Berndtgen +Robyn Morrison +Margaret Tompkins +Sherrie von Sternberg, as these yearly fireworks are pretty sacred to me (my favourite being from 2 years ago : https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104627284419784468591/albums/5631741362062548177/5631741608080591586 )
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