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Marlen Elias
Realtor on Scooter/Miami Bch-Pet Friendly Specialty
Realtor on Scooter/Miami Bch-Pet Friendly Specialty

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Ask yourself why is Congress so hell bent on making our wolves Extinct? for that matter they would kill all our wildlife if it paid them well.
Please speak up against this atrocity! If you love animals if you feel Wolves are intelligent, family oriented and needed as part of our ecosystem then please raise your voice a loud as possible so that your representatives hear you and stop the slaughter!! If you don't know enough about wolves- please read there are plenty of scientific evidence to stand behind the protection of wolves! We need them and they need us now to help save them!

Please read and sign the petitions:
It’s not too late to stop these bad provisions: please tell your Members of Congress to block anti-wildlife riders today. 

The proposed riders would remove all federal protections for wolves in Wyoming and the Great Lakes; prevent long-overdue protection for the greater sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act and deny funding for federal agencies to apply protections in the new land-use plans designed to help the birds.
Tuesday's vote is your chance to tell the representative in your district to reject Section 121, Amendment No. 19 and any future attempts to legislatively strip protections from wolves through the Interior Department Appropriations Bill. Please call your representative before 12 p.m. EST on Tuesday, July 7 and urge him or her to vote no on these dangerous riders.
click here:

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Please let's get them the hell out of there!!! The damage could be a disaster the likes of what we have never seen!!

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Please read and share- speak up against animal abuse- Please report it - please if you see it - be brave and report it!! This man should be charged with a much harsher crime- until the laws change - abusers will continue to due what they do- which is abuse animals, children and women!! They all have a pattern!! Please educate others- read and learn! thanks

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Animal Abuse comes in all forms- Please say NO MORE to this! Stand up and be counted- Sign petitions and be heard! REport Abuse of any kind! There is no reason for this--This loving animal could have been in a loving home  -not suffering!! Please read and share!

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Please help read and share and most important- PLEASE SIGN!
It is a disgrace that we treat horses the way we do!! Such an active intelligent family oriented animal should not be mistreated and "jailed" because of lobbyists and ranchers! Please educate yourself and help- read and sign! thank you

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Please read, please sign and please this year 2015- lets make a difference in the lives of dogs and cats worldwide. Lets make sure the DOG MEAT TRADE IS HUT DOWN FOR GOOD!! Please share and keep sharing to make sure we can continue to put presure on those countries that think this is ok- I know its disturbing to see this pictures and videos- but it is reality and it happens everyday- we must speak up against it! Please help sign and share and give if you sish to help further!  thank you

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Please help by filling and and sending this letter- Please continue to share to make a difference in these animals lives! We need to educate all that this is not right- this has nothing to do with beliefs- this is just barbaric! thank you

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Please share help if you can. Spread the word so we may catch all these animal abusers and throw them in a ditch somewhere as the deserve! Please share so that we may have better laws that protect these animals properly! This is another Tejeda - God know s we have so many - children and animal abusers are the lowest of lows -'we must protect we must speak up!

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Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom under encouragement.
Donald A. Laird

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Please read sign educate others and share!
thank you
This Holiday make a diffrence in the lives of our wildlife- our hertiage, our trusted friends and in many cases for some they are family- Please help spread the word!
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