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The cat-lady progression: when I got my first two I was all like "ew! Don't lick her butt hole right in front of me!" And with Max meeting our new kitten I'm all "OMG they're licking each other's butts! That's so great!"

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I don't know when they were actually born; but from their age, as told to me when I got them from the shelter, they were born in the same litter sometime near the end of January or early February. So for some reason I choose to celebrate their birthday on February the 1st.
happy birthday to us
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FEDERAL JUROR SUMMONS! How do I respond? I wouldn't mind serving, but I notice there isn't an exemption for "single self-reliant person who needs to go to work in order to get paid". My boss doesn't even pay for most holidays. Does anyone know what my options really are? I can afford to take a day off to go to the city and get dismissed if it's anything like county court summonses I've done, but I want to be prepared for any realistic scenario. Are there any actual laws that would say my employer has to pay me for missed hours? Or should I try harder for grounds that working in a small company w/out redundancies means I am not expendable for the 2 week window they are summoning me. Does anyone even know if that means I'd have to show up for 2 weeks, or might I just be dismissed the first day, like I've always been at county court?

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Since we launched this video a week ago, it's logged almost 70,000 views, and gained co-signs from Occupy, Anonymous, Michael Moore, Billy Bragg and countless others. "Our survival could depend on a video going viral" -JASIRI X #FILMTHEPOLICE #OCCUPYALLSTREETS

So... I woke up from a nightmare @ 12:30 and it reminded me of a few days ago when I dreamt I awoke to the clock saying 9:30, but really it was 8:30. But before I realized it's mad dark out, I remembered it's Saturday (caturday), and I don't have class this Sat so even if it were 12:30 pm I don't have to be anywhere (except here, packing, studying, & writing). And I don't remember now what the nightmare was, but I haven't slept since (or studied, written or packed, but f*** it's the middle if the night).

I get the distinct feeling I'll be sleeping a lot of my free weekend away.

Thanks to the Daily Show I learned a new apparently racist term today, "tar baby". Thanks to Wikipedia I learned the the term originally appeared within a series of African American folk tales published in the post civil war / reconstruction era. I then learned that the popular Disney song, "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah", was the hit song from the 1946 Disney feature film based on these tales.

My first thought was "OMFG! What? What?? There's no way that Walt Disney managed to produce a film that successfully represents African American folk tales from the 1880s. But what an awesome train wreck that must be!" Followed soon by, I've obviously never seen this movie, but why have I never even heard of it? And the reason is very exciting... it was never ever released on home video in the USA because Disney execs are afraid people would find it racist. I don't think I've been this excited to see a bad movie since I discovered "Cannibal the Musical".

My first step is to read a publishing of the original stories by Joel Chandler Harris, then acquire this sure-to-be masterpiece of Disney's on going goal of butchering wonderful stories from every known culture of humans, and what tends to appear as very thinly veiled racism often promoting ignorance.

Open Office Database users? Am I the only one? Well years back I thought it was a fun tool, easy to make forms, visualize relationships...

Nothing works for me anymore, and at this point I'd be willing to believe that I'm just doing everything wrong because I'm rusty, except that my old databases won't even open now. What happened? Nobody cared for this program and it got sick and is dying?

Who knows how to use Windows 7? I got my new laptop for work, and I got an express card serial port adapter so I can use my survey equiptment. The adapter comes with instructions for every other version of Windows, but those instructions are basically insert, get wizard, click next... The disk has a folder of Windows 7 files but no instructions. Windows 7 does not give me a wizard, windows 7 does not even give me the option of search for driver on disk when I got to add device. It immediately recognizes the device as "unspecifed" and named "PCI serial port" but has no driver and so does not work.


Dell is not helping me because they claim to not recognize my "service tag number". Please help me, I think there should be an easy solution to this problem, I just do not know what it is!

I have 2 co-workers and neither of them know who Che Guevara is. I feel awesomely weird.

I need to buy a laptop for my job. I mean, I need to pick one that my company will buy for me. My boss <3s Dell, because he knows they come cheap, but I tend to think you can buy better computer for your money. I've never bought a windows laptop. Who's got suggestions, advise, or experiences they'd like to share that will help me choose a moderately priced one, that I should expect to run decently for a few years? Please and thank you!
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