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Harcourt Mudd
Avoiding direct sunlight in San Diego
Avoiding direct sunlight in San Diego


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Just a quick note to let you know that I've switched to a new Google+ account. I'm not using this one anymore. If you have me Circled here and want to continue to follow my updates, Circle the new account instead.

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This is my last post to Google+ from this account. Circle me here:

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Love Google Chrome. Remember when it launched and people said Google was wasting its time creating a browser when Firefox was already open source and awesome?
The more I use Chrome, the more I like it, and, better still, Google keeps making it better with every release. Win!

Hmmm.... I activated Google+ from my Google Apps account but it's still showing up as not available on that domain. I suspect I might need to wait a couple of days.

I plan to nuke this account a week or so after activating G+ on my Google Apps account, just to avoid confusion.

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Oh, wait, wrong service for that hashtag.

I expect to transfer to my Google Apps account presently.

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Those Facebook updates from Spotify, the Washington Post, and the Guardian that tell me what people are listening to and reading at any given moment are harshing my Facebook buzz.

The whole idea of curation is that you share something after making a conscious decision it's worth sharing. Even better: Tell other people why they should read or listen to or watch the thing you're sharing.

If you think every song you listen to and every article you read is worth telling the world about, you're doing it wrong.

This afternoon I woke up my MacBook Pro to find that it had forgotten what time it was -- it thought it was Dec. 31, 2008. Also, it forgot the password to my home Wi-Fi network. These problems persisted through a reboot. Some, but not all, of my startup settings were scrambled.

This hasn't been difficult to fix, but I'm worried. Is this the sign of some awful imminent failure, or just a random glitch that I can forget about?

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Interesting discussion of privacy issues with regard to marketing. I often ask "Where's the harm" when coming up against privacy advocates -- well, here's an example of real harm.

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Netflix doesn't have to come up with artificial incentives for streaming and disincentives for DVDs. They just have to do a better job marketing the ways that streaming is inherently superior from a consumer perspective.

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"Malibu Barbie was the best barbie!" I love this blog.
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