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Battle Strategy
This morning, I sat and nursed Jase in the back row of the sanctuary at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) as our morning class began hopeful he'd fall asleep and stay asleep for the remaining 45 minutes. I couldn't help but remember those first few weeks as a br...

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Welcome to the World, Jase!
Hey there faithful readers, family, friends. Man, did we leave you hanging or what? Last I posted, we announced that the baby we were expecting was a healthy baby boy, named Jase Alton. It's been about a month since Jase made his grand debut, and here I fin...

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Introducing Jase Alton Warford
Oh BOY, were we thrilled to see this little guy today. David and I are excited and incredibly humbled to share these pictures with you of our son,  Jase Alton Warford. Jase seems eager to keep up with his busy big sister. He was very busy bouncing and rolli...

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Adding another pumpkin to our patch!
We have some news....! We are humbled and grateful to announce that we are expecting Baby #2 April 30, 2017! Hence one of the big reasons I haven't updated you on life's happenings like I promised I would in my last post. While the all-day-sickness with Bab...

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Catching Up
I find myself with an hour of quiet, during the last bit of daylight, all to myself. My long list of things to do involves nothing absolutely pressing. And with it being too late to exercise (otherwise I'll never fall asleep when I try to), I have the oppor...

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This morning I walked into Kohl's with nothing but an umbrella and my purse, and it felt so strange. No baby, no stroller, no baby carrier, no diaper bag. I felt so incomplete. Thankfully, I knew Avery was perfectly safe and warm and cozy at home with David...

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Avery's Debut
She's here!! And our hearts couldn't be more filled with love and gratefulness for our sweet angel! It was two weeks ago yesterday when David and I eagerly waited in that little exam room for our OB to check my "progress." We were a day past her due date an...

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Still Cooking - 39 Weeks
Prodromal labor?? My pregnant brain couldn't access the far back files from nursing school's OB class to recall that term. By the time we walked into our 38 week appointment, I'd gone through 4 days of irregular contractions. After telling my doctor all abo...

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A Pregnant Pause
The nursery is ready all donned in pink and white and brown with splashes of baby blue and soft yellow here and there. Every rocking device and diaper and blanket has found it's place. The suitcase is packed and nestled near the door. The car seat installed...

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Look away beyond the blue...
This picture was taken for all of my faithful Warford&Wife readers whom I have been neglecting the past month. We really enjoyed our 2nd trimester. When my OB told me at my 15 week appointment that I was now in the 'honeymoon trimester' I didn't really unde...
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