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Media hype! The billionaires aren't about to kill each other so there's only one hope for the rest of us. And that is that the poor people in the USA and Russia hurry up and kill each other over who gets the job and the money so the employment situation improves. I only hope they kill each other quick so nobody suffers unnecessarily.  
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Brian Pomeroy

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The media is only protecting their paychecks. Everybody takes care of their own and most aren't capable of thinking past that. Myopic? Stupid?
Something the entire world should see: The Pacific garbage patch – Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware

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Disagree. Most people I know been struggling for forty years & are too stupid to ask why.
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Think this will work?

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You found us. |:>)

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USA got involved in WW 2 for money and nothing else.

In hindsight, the people, us, should have let the Germans and the Soviets kill each other. 
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Nah! How else would the 'riff-raff' in the Americas be exterminated? The more I study the politics of the WWs, the more I am convinced the objective was population control. For instance, the Soviet gulags were not pleasant places to be, BUT more people were indiscriminately killed outside those camps (est. 26 million) than inside them (1,053,829). Those in labour camps died of disease, malnutrition and poor living conditions. Those outside were executed without any particular reason. They had quotas for extermination, sometimes 3,000 per week, per town. Those killed weren't the 'enemies of the people'. They were the ones held in the gulags or exiled to Siberia while the slaughter was taking place on the streets of the USSR. And the 'enemies of the people' were first identified as the upper-middle peasant class, called the 'kulaks'.

Interestingly, Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks political party were supported by the British. Party meetings were held in London.

Yeah, we in the west didn't need to get involved in the wars. Germany and Russia were doing a fine job killing their own citizens and the Allied Forces were making sure they had the resources to do it.

Brian Pomeroy

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I love this one but I can't leave the morons behind any more than I can quietly watch children starve. Somebody, some day is going to get through to the ignorant masses before they all snap and pick up a gun.
Be careful 
Let's get to the bottom of the worlds problems once and for all.
King of the jungle, 'man without a face,' a KGB thug. Russian President Vladimir Putin has certainly caught the attention of the West with the growing tensions around Ukraine. The view that is emerging is not very flattering.

"He wants to be feared," says the expatriate Russian journalist Masha Gessen, who two years ago wrote a very unauthorized Putin biography, The Man Without A Face. "He equates respect with fear."

(Photo: Reuters)
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+Penelope Avamour ...stop it..,you know I love you. 
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You can relax with this guy because he does not rush. That's me, it'll take as long as it takes. Might as well do it right the first time.
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I would like to see the books from this company because they pay people ten bucks an hour and are not very convenient. Just a check to see how much they get from their friends at the government because they don't seem to spending anything on the disabled or the employees. Could be wrong, but I doubt it. I want to know what kind of house they live in and how much they are worth and I want to be impressed. Whistle blowers may be compensated.
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I recommend the pepperoni and mushroom. No need to ask for extra cheese. In fact, that might be too much cheese. Brian Elwin Pomeroy
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