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Horatio A.R (Charlie)
Legends exist not by chance, nor by struggle, legends exist because it is natures law.
Legends exist not by chance, nor by struggle, legends exist because it is natures law.
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Comp plan and Debit Card updates...
Date: May 27th

We are fully testing the enhanced compensation plan right now and will have it ready to go on June 1st! 

You can get a full overview of the new plan here - NEW COMP PLAN (everyone can now view this page)

Just to be clear on this, we are not changing any part of the structure. All we are doing is moving some of the percentages in the Level-up deeper down and allowing leaders to qualify for a larger chunk of the volume they are responsible for. We are also dropping the binary cycles from 20 credits on each side to 5 credits on each side to make it move faster while paying out more in match bonuses. 

We spent months on these upgrades to ensure that nothing changed in the strategy of building your team and we are very excited to roll this out on June 1st because with our simulation it will create some very nice checks for leaders and we believe this will drive faster growth from the top to the bottom. 

A Few More Updates: 

1. Lead System

We are currently upgrading the autoresponders that are sent out to leads and will have them running within the next 48 hours. You will see these messages posted under marketing tools if you want to use the content for yourself. 

Here are the 10 emails that are sent after a lead confirms their email.

Email 1. Welcome to BitClub Network
Email 2. What can BitClub do for you!
Email 3. Want to get paid daily? How about multiple times per day?
Email 4. How to get a Bitcoin Wallet - Best of the Best
Email 5. BitClub Mining pool - Come get your daily dose of Bitcoin
Email 6. is BitClub real? Check this out! 
Email 7. Have you set up your wallet?
Email 8. You could have been earning Bitcoin for XX days
Email 9. Lock your spot before the pool closes
Email 10. Your BitClub membership Status - Last email!

*NOTE: All leads that have signed up into the system over the last week will receive a confirmation email in the next few days. Only verified leads will receive follow up emails 

We are also working on some tracking features that will allow you to create your own marketing campaigns and track all the leads and hits very easily. Many marketers have been asking for this and we should have it ready soon. You will also see some nice upgrades from the lead management side that include tracking and a notes system so that you can follow up better with all the leads in the system. 

Thanks for being patient about this! We know there are a lot of leaders anxious to get this going so they can crank up their marketing campaigns and we will continue to improve and expand on these features over the next few months. 

2. New Debit Card and Wallet

We are almost done integrating our new debit card so that all members can sign up for it. We are excited to announce the card will be fully branded with our logo and embossed with our company name. No matter what country you live in you will be able to get a debit card that you can fund with your Bitcoin. 

Also, this Debit Card platform includes a wallet that you can set up to load the card and we are working on some advanced API features that will allow real time funding of your card once you request your commissions, so you will get paid VERY FAST!

We expect to roll this out to Founders by June 1st and we will run a small test batch of cards before opening up to everyone. 

Stay tuned for more updates, including news about our mining pool and more hashing power being added in June. 

-BCN Support Team

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