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While I didn't officially register nor can I participate in the Zurich Photo Walk - I was there and I got to do something real special, at least for a stuffy any way. I got to have a coffee at Google. Here I am with my big huge coffee in a Google cup. #zurichwalk2012

Some of the photos I saw in the Zurich photo walk stream are really great even if I can't plus them...
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Oh my I hope not. I like my family. Don't think anyone really saw me for that long.
Thanks for the pluses everyone. +Philipp Weimer like your photo of the kids with the old time hats. They are standing in front of my favorite place. I can't post a comment directly on it as I have to be circled to post to others - I am a page ;-)
What! I am the cute soft toy! Didn't you know stuffies can have Google pages ....hee hee...I am old enough.
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