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Why not Denver? We're quickly becoming a tech center of the midwest, and surely the large military presence in surrounding cities would be interested as well.

That, and our only option for anything over 10mbps is Comcast - and fuck those guys.

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It's a shame. I really wanted to like Seguin, but after three years and still not being able to get his shit together, it's time to go. The Bruins aren't getting any younger, and they can't be babying a documented douchebag.

In the interest of fairness though - he's acting just like any other good looking 21 year old who just had 5.7 million dollars a year dropped in his lap would. That, on top of having the epitome of class act Bruins to compare him to - Krejci, Bergeron - really magnifies his party boy persona.

Upgraded to +Windows 8 over the weekend.. so far, I'm pretty impressed. Remember, naysayers: 'different' doesn't always mean 'bad.'

Excited about cool, new features in iOS6 like turn-by-turn navigation Want to know how to get these awesome features on your Droid right NOW?

Downgrade to Froyo. Done!

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You have to love a city that lets art exist everywhere -- not just in a museum.
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