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Very clever.

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Must try this.
Experiments in juicing, aka, now my NYC friends and family will really accuse me of turning into a California weirdo.

This concoction contains kale, cucumber, lemon, apple, and ginger. It tastes way better than it looks - kind of like V8, but plantier and without tomato.

What's your favorite juicer recipe?

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After 7 years in Lawrence, including 2 years at Mediaphormedia, I'm excited to announce I'm moving to Austin, TX to work with the innovative team at Umbel!

Started practicing Colemak (keyboard layout) Tuesday evening and I already have it memorized and I'm typing about 18 wpm. It's a very well designed layout... I'm looking forward to start using it during my day job (should be soon!)

Just had an epic 15 mile cyclocross ride at the Kaw river trails.

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I agree with a lot of this.

Just got my Spotify account. I'm already impressed by how much obscure music I've found on it. I'm still on the free account but might pay so I can play it on my iPhone. I will probably still keep my Rdio account regardless.

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I found this review on Amazon and had to post it to Reddit.

Today's music selections: Joni Mitchell and Linda Perhacs. Feeling folksy.
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