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Jessi Panke
I decicided to create this blog as a way to educate others about type 1 diabetes as well as let people know that they are not alone in the fight.
I decicided to create this blog as a way to educate others about type 1 diabetes as well as let people know that they are not alone in the fight.

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It's Been Too Long...
It's been way too long, but that's life and that's just how it goes. I honestly thought that I posted what follows, but apparently not. I feel kinda weird all of the sudden blogging after so long, but what the heck why not. So what follows is what I wrote b...

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Love Bug's Birth
This is a long time coming, but once you read it all I'm sure you'll see why I've disapered and why it's taken so long for me to write. My last post was a quick, "Surprise, baby girl is here", but I don't think I gave any real details. I know it took a lot ...

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Surprise! A Day Late Christmas Present.
Well, we didn't make it to even 37 weeks.  Full blown preeclampsia hit and our little love bug was delivered at 33 weeks via emergency c section Friday December 26th at 6:31am. This is just a quick update that she's here.  We still have a long road ahead of...

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40 Weeks...Will We Make It
So much has happened in less than a week. Surprisingly diabetes has taken a back seat, for now. When I researched and we prayed about trying for a baby it never occurred to me that any complications would arise during the pregnancy that wouldn't be diabetes...

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When It's Not A Diabetes Scare
It’s still November, it’s still Diabetes awareness month and
my plan for doing the daily instagram challenge failed miserably! Mainly
because….I’ve been stressing the last week and worried. But I think all the
prayers I asked for helped. This time, not diab...

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Wanting to Give In To Burn Out
I just started to think about how long I’ve been diligently trying
for crazy amazing blood sugars and an A1C of the same. I know that we all as
T1s’ want this but when trying for a baby it’s something we strive for even
more, at least I have. It’s much easi...

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Diabetes Awareness Month/Speaking Too Soon
November is diabetes awareness month so I’m trying to follow along with Project
Blue November and post pics every day this month of life with diabetes. Here is
the link if you’d like to do so as well.!instagram/c1d85 We’...

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How Things Have Been...25 Weeks
Wow, I didn't realize that it had been so long since I've written. I'm 25 weeks today! Everything is going great! At least now that I've gotten over sickness,
colds and infections that I dealt with for a while. It's amazing how great
blood sugars can be whe...
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