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I am so happy for my beautiful flowers :) The man who sold the seeds, said they were rare.
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Yes I have the hole garden full. I think it's dandelion in English. Can I sell them on Ebay? 
They are not rare....they are special :))))
Hi guys ;)
Uuuuu....mystery ;) Well whatever it is I'm happy for you. Thanks babe ;)
What??? You kidding me :)
Hello all nice people and you Marina and Viktorija from K.A.G-team :(
Nah....he'll get here. He will turn up when we don't expect him ;)
Why do you bully me? I'm "special" and have some bad luck then I think sometime :)
wonderful picture! dramatic colours! have some wishes ready! my son and me planted hundreds of those last weekend :-) only good luck! exclamation mark!!