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From Pulitzer prize winner Jennifer Egan comes her latest novel set in WWII America.

Covering a wide range of content, Egan delivers a remarkable story with a sophisticated writing style.

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Norse gods, beer, farts and mischief. #neilgaiman #norsemythology

"Of course it was Loki. It's always Loki."

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You'll never look at your next door neighbours the same way again. #thevisitors #netgalley

I highly anticipate that this book will become the topic of much conversation and popularity once it is published. 

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A slow starter but with hook, line and sinker that you won't want to put down. #lgbtq

This book was long listed for 2009 Giller Prize and it is easy to see why.

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Anne; the original drama queen. #anneofgreengables #classic #canadian

“Dear old world', she murmured, 'you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”

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Does this classic stand the test of time? Read more to find out. #capote #incoldblood

“I thought that Mr. Clutter was a very nice gentleman. I thought so right up to the moment that I cut his throat.”

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#Agatha's masterpiece. Did you know that it originally had a racist title? Read to find out.

This novel is one of the best-selling novels of all time and has sold 100 million copies.

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“Canlit might not exert the fascination of - say - a venereal wart.” #margaretatwood

A criticism and a manifesto of Canadian literature, and even to this day, it is one of a kind.

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How #shame has progressed, recessed and then revived anew in the modern age. #netgalley

Shame, we have all felt it. However, the majority of people undermine how much it has shaped the world that we interact with everyday.

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This food is good. And real. No I'm not joking. #vegan

"A diet based on plant foods is not one of restriction or denial."
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