This is why I hate infographics: it gives alleged journalists ready-made content that they can post as objective, editorial content. Very few of them ever bother to check the sources or the motives of the company giving them content for free.

Which is why legit news orgs have their own in-house art departments and the best hire people who are trained to think and work like tenacious reporters.

So I'm calling BS on this one: if you listened to Facebook's conference call last week, they portrayed small business as an untapped market where owners don't have time or knowledge to effectively run a small business campaign. And my talks with the small business owners I know echo that sentiment.

Do you think that MAYBE the fact that the company that put together this infographic does digital marketing for small businesses have something to do with it? I mean, after all, they sort of have an incentive to scare the alleged 15% of small businesses that spend less than six hours per week on social media into thinking they should be doing more.
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