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I've made my own zelda's map app :

I've done it because the existing map apps were lacking some features I wanted : individual user accounts, track progress per account, save custom markers...

If you'll ever find a usage for it, I would be happy (or proud, or something else...).
This is a work in progress, any idea is welcome.

have fun!

Can someone explain CSRF attacks and Anti-Forgery Tokens to online games producers. In an online game, when the client sends its own score to the server without any validation, you surely end with fun results.

Today I played with  a little contest game provided by my ISP (small prices to win < 400$). This dumb thing makes POST request to something called '/whatever/updateranks' with nothing more than a session cookie and the event's score ... Scores from the top 3 players would require something like 100 hours of full time play - no kiddin'. 
Do you think I should warn them?
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Look Mama, #Azure new portal.
I love it.

Update-package....because I fear nothing
^^ i'm writing that as the command runs ^^
and i saw an update from jquery 1.x to 2.X 
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Thanks .NET 4.5.2! I bless HostingEnvironment.QueueBackgroundWorkItem, i'm bored using cache expiration to schedule small tasks (and pray the good iis not to recycle the pool).
.NET Blog
.NET Blog

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remember the time when it was painfull to use sourcesafe in VS :)

#skydriveapp  Does anyone know how to start a new LiveConnectSession  with the c# skydrive api. I already have a valid access-token (and eventually a refresh-token)... but I just don't know what to do with'em.
I know I can do what I want using the rough way (with raw REST), but it would be so much nicer to use the C# api

Dear Mr #Microsoft guy (and especially you Mr. #LiveSDK),
I'm trying to build something with server side code dealing with skydrive/onedrive/whateverdrive.... and the documentation is just wRONg! 
From : -> LiveAuthClient(String) constructor Initializes a new instance of the LiveAuthClient class with the specified redirect Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
From Microsoft.Live.dll (5.5) -> public LiveAuthClient(string CLIENTID)

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A standalone example of bootstrap-tagsinput typeahead (with TimSchlechter's taginput)
if you're looking for a tag input control working with bootstrap3, then you certainly end up with this one : This thing is awesome! clean, simple and efficient! However, if you try the typeahead option .....
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