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Short Speech about Friendship
By: Sonal Daga A friend is a gift you give to yourself. Friends are those people in your life with whom you do not have any blood relation. It’s a relation of love and affection towards other people. Your friend is someone with whom you feel comfortable and...

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Safari Ramadhan 2015 ~
Huaahh.. Nggak kerasa udah Safari Ramadhan ketiga kali selama di SM. Kegiatan utama Safari Ramadhan yaitu mengunjungi masjid-masjid bersejarah yang ada di kota Bogor. Tapi alhamdulillah tahun ini masjid yang dikunjungi beda dengan 2 tahun kemarin.. Jadi ban...

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Pulau Bira!!..
Maybe this is not a recount text. But this is a best friend story >.< This is me and Andin when we were in Pulau Bira. And the story of this picture is.... Andin and I promised that we will always take a picture of us in every expedition we did together.

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Anouncement about Sanitation

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The Other News Here!!
Tennis Balls Filled with Poison Found in Glasgow Park Five tennis ball filled with poison were found in Festival Park in Glasgow. The charity said, "We are looking for information, why the balls were in the park" (source: ) Anti Corruption Film ...

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Susur Pantai
This is my second video >.< "What You Should and Shouldn't Do in Susur Pantai" (from Susur Pantai woksheet)

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Salam Festival !!!
Yeeeyy!! I already sent 3 Salam Festival invitation letter to my friends ! and they will come to Salam Festival \(^^)/ There are the screen capture! And there are the "real" invitation.. Don't Forget! COME AND JOIN SALAM FESTIVAL!! -arapu

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Social Advertisment Video
Yap! Inilah yang ku maksud "blog tugas"... Blog ini akan diisi oleh tugas-tugas yang wajib di post ke blog.. Dan dalam waktu dekat ini, akan ada beberapa tugas bahasa inggris yang di post ^^ ganti ke bahasa inggris This is my social advertisment video!!! ...

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Kerropi Pencil Case
Today's poject is.... This Kerropi Pencil Case...!!! A gift for someone special.. :*  Inside Sweet Kerropi :) A very fast project and i think it's better than my first pencil case Help me,, because i dont know what i want to make in the next project _" Th...

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Fyuuuhh,,,, i was finished my RECYCLED notebook made from cereal box some minutes ago. Yaa, you know it its many diy notebook from cereal box in google but i try to make different. :) I love this pic '' Inside n outside What a cute notebook 3 _recycle-sim...
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