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Abdullah Zainul Abidin
A muslim, a husband, a father of 5, a friend, a programmer
A muslim, a husband, a father of 5, a friend, a programmer

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Installing ftw.tika in Plone
I love being able to search in all the documents uploaded into plone. I keep on forgetting that this was an add-on and not natively provided. The latest add-on I tried to enable that feature was ftw.tika. To install it, first download the tika.cfg file from...

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Looking back
I haven't actually "looked" at this blog for quite a while. I write to it, of course, but that's mostly as reminders for myself. But today I took it upon myself to at least change the template of the site. And wow... so much memories flooding back. As I che...

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haproxy on Centos 7 with SELinux
Setting up haproxy and varnish with reference to the configuration from these sites:

And finally can acce...

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Installing Centos 7 on HP G7 Server
When I first initially tried it, the installer cannot detect any local hard disk to install to. After much googling found out that it was because a certain driver for the Smart Array Controller is no longer available on Centos 7. To allow for use of the new...

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Code base to jump start flask-classy system
This post is just to announce my sharing of a source code base which can be used to jump start development using the python micro framework flask and it's excellent extension flask-classy. Do note that this code base uses the Ace Admin bootstrap theme. Plea...

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Hard Link In Rsync
I've been struggling for a few days trying to backup a folder using rsync. The folder is huge but there should be enough space on the destination server. But everytime I did a backup it never finish because the hard disk is full. After much googling, I foun...

if you've been lost for too long.. come back to the path you already know.. find your way home...

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advice to live by..

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60 days no rice challenge, my experience
Just a few days before deepavali this year I started learning and practicing goal settings. Setting up your goals and achieving them step by step. One of the ideas about goal setting is that you can learn to get used to setting goals and achieving them. The...
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