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Marquis “‫יהלומית‬‎” Crumpton
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

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Model Naomi


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Project Slime

Slimes where common case in the location of a unnamed lab. Due to curiosity they believed that they can make there own slime. This slime they created maybe be the first domesticated slime a first step to the coexistence of slimes and humans in peaceful harmony. But what they did to create this slime was very horrible. They took three different slimes a white slime, red slime, and a dark slime. What they did was torture the slimes to make them weak to the point of exhaustion. The scientists forced the three slimes to fuse together conforming each one to this pink slime. It looked ordinary as most slimes commonly are in form of a human woman but when its eyes opened they weren’t pink. Not to mention the pink slime also had animal ears as well odd since most slimes don’t take the form of humanoid animals. The eyes where black and red as if the hate the three slimes had towards the scientists resided in there eyes.


The pink slime however, was arrogant to the scientists. It benefited her though she learned the human language and through the communications with the scientists they made machines for her throughout the lab with the pink slime so she can keep her firm shape of a human female yet part animal oddly since she was unable to hold it naturally on her own. However, that happiness with her and scientists ended when she found out how she created. Looking through research notes that were carelessly out in the open she read them. How she was created and what they did to the three original slimes. In a moments the scientist either evacuated or some died. Either way what happened to them the bodies were never found. All that echoed through the halls was a psychotic laugh.


The lab was abandoned but still in perfect condition. The pink slime still lived in the lab since the machines are the only way she can keep her human shape instead of being a puddle on the floor. Though the scientists got what they deserved she missed the company of another soul especially now. But she hates anyone that remotely look similar to a human her hatred for the scientists was no doubt why she hates them. It’s been a year after her creation as she was now a full year in total isolation no other person to talk to but herself and the occasional echoes of the other slimes that where once individuals. And the dark slime’s lustful intentions are echoing the most in her mind since the pink slime never done those acts to a human male

Rose: “why do i get myself in these situations?”
Stride: “Because you have terrible luck with bets”
Rose:”So tell me what i have to do again”
Stride: “Its simple you stay here in this abandon lab for a week. Don’t worry in your bag Rouge and I made sure you have enough food and water to last tell then. I gave you my camera too if you want to leave memos regretting all your life choices.”
Rose: “Alright I get it. And i know what you're about to say if anything happens to this camera im dead.”
Stride: “Yeah you know me so well. I also have extra batteries and a 150Gb sd card in the camera’s case should last you for the week.”
Rose: “Thanks”
Stride: “see you in a week plus on night which is you know this one!” he walked off

The human male Rose wore a heavy cloak as he made his way inside the lab holding the backpack. He smiled as he was astonished by how not abandon the lab looked. It was already mid afternoon so he went to look for a area to sleep in. This area was an office room. With a desk, a few lockers and working lights. What caught his attention was the strange machine filled with pink liquid in the room. It had a long needle as if to make a injection to the center of a body. He paid no mind to it as he got out his sleeping bag from the backpack and sat down on the chair in the office as he turned on the camera.

“The first night. Well this may be interesting. Losing a bet maybe more of a blessing then a compliment. The place though no one is in here still looks in perfect condition. I may make look more into the machine next to me. Maybe i can find some research notes too wonder what they were working on here. Well a week is a pretty long time maybe i can know everything by then.”

He took the batteries and the sd card as he put them into his pocket. He wished a charger was brought so he can simply plug it in to charge since there is still power in the lab but he only had the batteries beggars can’t be choosers.

“Well after i get out of here it’s going to be my birthday. I can’t wait for that happen, Im going to be 18. Maybe once I’m 18 i have better luck with the bets my friends put me in. Well i guess i have nothing to talk about so I will end it here. This is Rose Ages Dagger signing off for the first night or tell i have something else interesting you say.”

The pink slime in the lab was walking back to the abandon office he resided in. That was the only machine near her so she can keep her body firmness again. Rose hearing something that sounded like wet footsteps he panicked as he his in one of the lockers in the office closing the door gently grabbing the camera his cloak on the hanging up on the second locker the third was his bag. He staid in the locker as he heard the door open he saw her. He had the camera with him but it made a noise whenever it turned on so he was left with watching her being as quiet as humanly possible.

((rp for females to rp as the Pink slime. To rp please state the name of the slime. The rp can lead to absolutely anything. I was hoping for this rp to be a chase sort of thing kinda like when you run form the insane guys in outlast or the animictronics in joy of creation reborn. So a cat of mouse rp basically))
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