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Or I try to anyway.
Before I pass out.

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Quick update. I saw my new therapist, sex therapist, as she did an inventory on me and talked a little bit about why am I here and to share a bit of my story. My next session is May 7th to start the actual therapy and she did say she wants to work on me opening up my feelings. She was shocked to find out how I don't know my relatives in the family only two aunts and a cousin but I don't even know them now knew them growing up.

Lots of people are shocked when they find out I have no relationships with the other "relatives" which is why I am the oddball in a group of friends as they had relationships with their other relatives. I have no interest only the relationship with my sister and brother. I do need a new family an extended family that I can count on. I am in tears holding them back I was thinking at the laundrymat today once we go through my feelings, the walls will fall and something is/will emerge - that is what I am afraid of.

I am sure it will be a good thing but the fear of the unknown is an uncertainty. I have never been able to sit down and say out loud freely about my feelings or if you gave me a quiz with hypotheticals 'how would this look like on a scale of 1-10.' I shy away from those as I feel embarrassed to say something about my feelings - this is my guy persona coming out embarrassed about expressing feelings or crying in front of others.

I was wondering when my new sex therapist said how I feel like the oddman out how I feel that my siblings left me to fend for myself with my "birth people" and how others out there said I will do just fine just figure out your own issues and everything will fall into place and if I just stopped complaining I could have everything I wanted. I am not sure if anyone has any answers for this question: I am so mentally and physically exhausted; I am just now getting the life skills that should have been taught to me long ago. As stated a lot, nobody in the past wanted to help me get away from them insisted the usual bs they are your parents. Now, I am starting to feel like an adult (in my own way) but still feel trapped in child mode. What is it about me that people felt I could "do all of this on my own?" They said I have faith in you and turned around taking that faith away from me.

Battling with narcissistic people is not easy at all and this isn't as simple as quitting a job and finding yourself. My life has been nothing but a battle which is why I feel so physically and mentally sick dealing with this on my own. Getting away from narcs is not easy at all either and saying 'just get up and leave' is the fear of uncertainty and without knowing anything about yourself, your self-worth, resources, etc makes it extremely hard to just 'walk away.' So yea, just wondering why people out there feel there's more to me that I could do it all. My boyfriend has been a great support, but I am the one still fighting this battle alone and this should have been won long ago. Like I have said a lot, it feels like I am still serving a life long prison sentence for something I had no control over.

I am the youngest, why am I the one still having to carry this burden while my older siblings don't have too because "they already lived with the horror?"

Tears running down my face...guess that's why people say you're so hard or hardcore. Pray for me that the therapy goes well and get to utilize tools for my own healing journey.
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+John PLFVolunteer Thank you John. Last night, I was crying hardcore texting my boyfriend and asking myself questions like why is this still happening? why am I doing things later in life? etc lots of why's. why was it easy for my siblings to make it on their own and not me? why am the one made to be codependent like birth woman. Why am I still struggling?

Is there a meaning to all of this? What's this suppose to mean in the end for me? I do bottle up my feelings that's my problem it's sad how people say we need to express what we're feeling then condemn in the same sentence for even having those feelings it's like which is it?!

Also, new therapist said I have PTSD I told her about the violent nightmares I have had and she asked have I ever had a psych evaluation? I said no but was told by a doctor I had that I have clinical depression. She was concerned about me having suicidal thoughts and said I've had them a lot in the past but not now. I told her that ex-therapist did absolutely nothing never diagnosed me with anything just said I have symptoms of PTSD. Again, astonished how my treatment was with the ex-therapist lmao!
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Carlos Ponce-Eagle Feather in Thunderbird American Indian Dancers' Dance Concert - photo by Roland Lorente.
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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates
My name is Marquis and yes I am a female. I am originally from CA but living in AZ - hate it here!!! I am a college graduate back.

I have a wonderful boyfriend on here named Dávíd (link is on the right column under "Other Profiles")  who I love very much!!! We are both green, eco friendly, love animals and herbs. We strongly believe in eating kosher foods and participating in the green community and meeting people.

Here are a number of interests that I have. You can add me to any one (or a few of) the following circle possibilities:
  • News/politics/alternative news
  • Green community/eco friendly/holistic lifestyle/raw foods/organic lifestyle, Co-op
  • Animal rights
  • Alternative medicine (herbs, essential oils, tinctures, acupuncture, ancient healings, incense, etc)
  • Shabbat/Scriptures
  • Computer/technology/cell phones
  • Video Gamer/Video Games
  • Web design
  • Fashion
  • Human Rights
  • Social Networking
  • Wildlife (including animal gifs)
  • Photography/Art (including still shots and gifs)
  • Psychology/Human Behavior/Communication
  • Cultures/Events/Travel (would love to travel)
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  • History/Civilization
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I am in love with my boyfriend since 2005 and we have been together for a long long time!!!! We have tons of fun together and laughing lots!!!! He is my world and tzur (rock), because we found each other - forever and for always! We are green people (meaning eco-friendly). We are not brainwashed, but we are young hippies!
  • University of Phoenix
    BS in IT/Web Design, 2010 - 2011
  • Scottsdale Community College
    Network Administrator, 2004 - 2010
  • Coronado High School
    General Studies, 2000 - 2004
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January 29
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Mar-keese (correct pronounciation), French name Not Marcus!
Boyfriend and I have been to this park a lot we love it! Love how there's a dock that you can just walk on and watch the lake. I like how it is hilly and very green great place for a picnic, exercise, etc.
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Great place, so beautiful would love to go there again.
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I do like how the place is big and everything. There are employees who I like that are nice especially the guy Dude (not sure if that's his real name probably not) as I haven't had a problem with anyone yet. I do agree how it is slow processing transactions and the problem with their rural carriers delivering mail into my neighborhood is pathetic! They never last in my neighborhood, sticking the wrong mail into other people's boxes, never knocking on my door if I or my parents have a package just let it sit on the ground until I get home and find it, etc. This is still an ongoing problem since we moved to AZ in 96 and they got excuses as to why they can't deliver the mail which I am going to have a talk with their supervisor next week.
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Boyfriend and I went to this location last week - first time going to that location. We had a great experience and the manager (female) was really nice and our order came up to our table right away! Someone in here said go to Mcdonalds, why? Why is it every burger joint review I read someone says go to McD's because it is cheaper? I'd prefer a burger cooked in peanut oil or olive oil than transfat oil and god who knows what else McD's puts in there! If that's the burger you prefer, then keep going to McD's for a lousy, unhealthy, rGHBT burger! We love their smash fries and their sweet potatoes fries, mmmm mmm good!! For almost $20 (two burgers, fries, and a small drink), that isn't too bad.
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Bland food, disgusting, the food was probably sitting for a few hours, cold chicken workers don't clean the tables after customers leave, bathrooms look like a dump, and I'm surprised that there aren't any roaches crawling on the walls and living on the food 24/7 at this place. Not worth your time and money. The employees are rude when you ask them to clean anything when you try to sit down at the only open table that just happens to be dirty. By the way, this is no longer Hometown Buffet. Restaurant has changed names a couple of times already. First it was J.J. Morris for a few months, and now it's known as J. J. North. However, it's still just as disgusting, if not worse when it was still Hometown Buffet.
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