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NASA says it has found evidence of flowing water on #Mars with exciting implications for the future search for life on the Red Planet.

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This is very VERY fun

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NINJA CAT! :D +Butter Bear Gamer 

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I don't play Pocket Edition, but this looks like a great update!
CHANGELOG for Build 0.11.0

New features
- Skins
- Added boats rideable by 2 mobs!
- New World edit screen
+ Rename worlds
+ Change gamemode
+ Lock/unlock day cycle
+ Make old worlds infinite
- Localization!
- Fishing and new kinds of fish!
- Added mob effects (poison)
- Added redstone block to store dust
- Added grass path block
- Added text formatting codes
- Stone brick variants: chiseled, cracked and mossy, can now be crafted in survival
- Zombies now drop rotten flesh
- Show server status and message of the day on server entries screen
- Added a hide button to the chat screen
- Death messages

New mobs
- Squids
- Spider Jockeys now spawn
- Cave spiders
- Added bats
- Added baby zombies and chicken jockeys

Bug fixes
- Fixed the block break feedback circle disappearing on suspend
- Fixed crashes while saving world
- Fixed crashes on armor screen
- Fixed crashes on furnace screen
- Fixed world not being saved
- Fixed MCPE-2084 Pig Zombies catching fire
- Fixed MCPE-7838 Can not create new world
- Fixed MCPE-6472 Getting stuck in the void after dying
- Fixed MCPE-7835 Hotbar duplication glitch
- Fixed MCPE-7872 Action button not being disabled after moving away
- Fixed MCPE-7848, MCPE-7854 Grass/Mycelium does not grow below fences but underwater
- Fixed MCPE-6999 Stone walls connecting to water
- Fixed MCPE-7883 Cocoa tile not updating neighbor blocks when dropped
- Fixed MCPE-6885 Breakable bedrock in survival.
- Fixed MCPE-6853 Placing water replaces non-solid blocks
- Fixed MCPE-6628 Wooden Axe not burning on furnaces
- Fixed MCPE-7888 Different planks no longer stack
- Fixed MCPE-7887 Update neighbors and rendering on random change
- Fixed MCPE-2024 Gravel falling near fences
- Fixed MCPE-671 Destroying Reactor-core does not allow night to end
- Fixes MCPE-5161 Disallow changing name while playing
- Fixed MCPE-5450 Quartz stairs not in stonecutter
- Fixed MCPE-5455 Added duplicated player kick
- Fixed MCPE-7904 Door duplication when placed near a cactus
- Fixed MCPE-7915 Water does not function properly on transparent blocks
- Fixed MCPE-7912 Double plant blocks delete existing blocks
- Fixed MCPE-7864 Entities get ticked twice when riding
- Fixed MCPE-7830 Duplicate items while feeding wolves
- Fixed MCPE-7935 Iron bars can't connect to glass panes
- Fixed MCPE-7050 Fences connecting to fence gates sideways
- Fixed MCPE-7952 Acacia and DarkWood Stairs now burn
- Fixed MCPE-7688 Grass becomes dirt even if sapling can't grow
- Fixed MCPE-6697 Carpets not dropping more than one when stacked.
- Fixed MCPE-5130 Sand/gravel falling when placed on top of torches
- Fixed MCPE-8031 Topmost block having full bright lighting
- Fixed world crash when unknown blocks are present
- Fixed trees growing on the client
- Fixed desert wells and special biomes not generating
- Fixed issue with connecting to local games

- Improved multiplayer bandwidth usage
- Improved client/server communication
- Improved disconnection messages
- Improved text rendering
- Improved world loading
- Faster torch placing (less lag)
- Added shovels in creative mode
- Added server-side checks on games, less craziness!
- Non-fancy render mode now works properly
- Updated inventory icon from a Brick block to a chest
- Limited player names to PC allowed names

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