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Les enfants explorent notre nouvelle tente.
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Eric Gagne

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RT @CNJPQ: Le 4 septembre prochain, c'est le temps de transformer notre fatigue collective en espoir! #PQ #Qc2012 
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Eric Gagne

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Comme d'autres nations du monde, le Québec s'éveille en 2012 et un nouveau jour va se lever le 04 septembre #Qc2012 #PQ
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Eric Gagne

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Selon Rebello, Mitt Romney "C'est un peu le Legault des républicains." #qc2012 #CQFD
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Eric Gagne

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"Mathematics is fundamentally an intellectual exercise. You start with a set of postulates or axioms and you see how far you can run with them, creating an extensive and self-consistent (more or less) system of theorems and proofs. It's all in the logic and it's all internal to that system. The system you create doesn't necessarily relate to the real world nor to any other mathematical system you create. It's a beautiful entity unto itself."
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Father, 3rd dan karate black belt, ex blogger and 2006-2007 community manager.
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