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Do you use Fedora?, Why no try PostInstallerF? Yeah!
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yep, but be careful with this tool because you don't exactly know what it really does with your system :D
+David Vasquez  ok sorry because of my previous comment. But I mean generally we should know what the tools install, change our system. And we don't always have a direct contact with a developer of this tool as in this case :D
why would i use such a tool to install things like firefox, gimp, mypaint and many others which are in the base repo?
+Nicu Buculei
If you are a new user, generally the main problem with a new user:
- no reads
- no search

The user does not know, that's what you need, to move in Fedora.

PostInstallerF install not only programs from base repos, also many programs that do not exist in Fedora:
etc ...

More than 100 programs and modifications you can do. (and counting) are packaging all we can.
yes, i saw the "100 programs and modifications" and this is my objection, the number is inflated with many apps which shouldn't be there (those easy to install from base, i may argue even those easy to install from rpmfusion) resulting in a hard to use interface.
from an usability point of view, do you think a flat list with 100 items is friendly for a new user? better focus on the things which are hard to install (those from obscure repos) and make the user learn the easy things
+Nicu Buculei
If you saw the order, you will understand that the main thing occupies the first places...PostInstallerF is a Swiss Army knife!
actually i didn't see the running app, only screenshots. i don't run (and advice the others to not run) apps that can't be yummed
+Nicu Buculei
sorry but i think you are a troll... PostInstallerF use yum... ;) criticism but I bet you use flash plugin, you use google chrome.. show me your source codes :P

Not criticize without foundation, it is very sad, without knowing about the  program... this is ridiculous ;p

Source Code:

Isn't a program as a Ubuntu Software Center, but started as a personal project (a simple script), I shared, was accepted, release the source code, and now the results. A project inspired by Autoten. Thanks for link to Planet Fedora ;)