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Flower Crown Nails
I was dying for a floral mani. So I decided to try and paint florals to look similar to a flower crown. I think it looks more like a clump of flowers, but hey, who doesn't love a clump of flowers? Hahaha.

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B&W Dot Nails!
I migghhhtttt have pulled my rose gold out again. Teehee. Did these black & white dotted nails with some spring colors. It's been cold and rainy here in MA. Hoping these spring nails will warm me up!

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Crazy Stripes
Everyone breathe, there is no rose gold in this mani. omg. But there is regular old gold! Bahaha. I've been so slacking lately, trying to get my photography biz up and running, so my nails have been neglected. :( Managed to find some time to squeeze this qu...

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Blue & Rose Gold Nails!
Hey there! Just a quick simple blue AND ROSE GOLD mani for you. I wasn't sure if I'd like blue and rose gold together, but I kind of love it! Broke a few nails and have some shorties, so I did this simple little thing while they hopefully grow back out a bit.

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Summer In A Bottle Nails!
Have you guys heard of "Summer in a Bottle" Rosé? I've been seeing it all over Instagram and I had to try it. Mostly because the bottle is absolutely gorgeous, but I also love summer, so if they managed to get it in a bottle, it must be good. The bad news w...

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Blue Watercolor Nails!
I've come to realize I have a thing for watercolor and dry brush nails. I think they're so pretty! And you don't have to be too careful. When I came across this bedspread on Pinterest I was like "YES!" These I think look like watercolor AND dry brush somehow.

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Rose Gold Gradient Nails!
More rose gold :)  I promise my next mani will not be rose gold. The one affffffter that though….who knows. I'd been wanting to do a rose gold to nude gradient for a while now. It's super subtle but sometimes I crave that.  I had this little raised spot on ...

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Geometric Rose Gold Nails!
Did you think I was done with rose gold? HA! NEVER!!!! I was inspired by a pattern I saw on Pinterest for this look, changed it up a bit. Some rose gold geometric shapes, with a few blocks of color in there.

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Super Late Valentine's Day Nails!
So Valentine's Day was about a month ago at this pointttt. Hahaha, however, I've been a bit overwhelmed lately and took a little break from sharing my nails. I'm back though, and my V-Day mani is ready to share! Very simple, red, gold, stripes, hearts. Clas...

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Rose Gold Marble Nails!
Hope your liking rose gold…because there is more! Muahahha. I love the marble look, so I decided to try it again. I did it a little over a year ago at this point I think. I like this attempt better. I thought it would look good with…ROSE GOLD. And it does! ...
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