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Just come across following errors and resolved while integrating the Smart Payments with our #POS Application.

#Error: Must include type attribute for Handler deployment!
The above error was due to the fact that the jar file jboss-juddiaxis.jar. I got to know about this only when I debugged the code from axis. Downloaded the source code from apache -> The code was then attached to Eclipse and debugged to find out that the config*.wsdd was downloaded from jboss-juddiaxis.jar instead of axis.jar. Once the jboss axis jar is removed from classpath, I got the above error resolved.
But the response coming from Payment Gateway was null.

#Error: #NullPointerException
The above error was due to the fact that the parsing done for the wsdd mentioned was from #JAXPFactory which use to return #DomElement instead of the jaxrpc.jar which returned
The above error was due to the jar file gnujaxp.jar. I got to know about this as well by debugging the source code and this time it was Java itself.

While working with building and running a jar file, found out that NoClassDefFoundError needs to be resolved using and Class-Path: lib/test.jar. This entry has to be there in file irrespective of whether you have the jar in classpath.... I run the jar with "java -jar -classpath lib/ TEST.jar" and it works cool by resolving the NoClassDefFoundError.

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Just in case you missed to remember this everyday of your life....

Eclipse Problem: Found an interesting problem in Eclipse Helios (We use for our development). Whenever we create a new JUnit (v4) test case or a new Hello World Program, we get this java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.tejasco.test.SampleTestCase. This error is because Eclipse does not know that a new file is created until you actually build the Java Project where this new file is created. This occurs every time a new file is created which is not part of the build path and makes irritating some times that "Oye! I just created this file".

Solution: Build the project. Eclipse will consider the new file to be part of the project and you can run the JUnit test case and main class easily and Eclipse won't complain then on.... Also to make sure that Markers does not show any error on the project we are building here...

This worked for me several times. Not sure if this is a bug at Eclipse or a feature..

Happy Working!
Triguna Mutuguppe Sripathi
Technical Lead
Tejasco Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.
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