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Tea Boxes Worth Displaying

Any good chef knows that presentation counts for at least half. Entertaining your guests with a tea time get together is no different. 

Think about it: you spend countless dollars and endless hours decorating your home, yet you throw some tea bags in a box and leave it out on the counter. Why? Don't let this mistake tarnish your otherwise beautifully decorated home. Invest in a wooden tea box. 

Stocking a Silver Cellar tea box with the best gourmet teas out there shows you care about your guests, and their taste buds. Browse the site today and toss the tupperware you've been using. Upgrade to elegance.
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Outfitting Your Man In Silver

Silver is at the top of its fashion game these days. It has shown up everywhere from handbags to shoes and dresses. Gone are the days of this metal being consigned to a life of jewelry. There is no reason your man should miss out on this fashion must. 

With the Silver Cellar, you can outfit your man in handcrafted, top of the line sterling silver. Whether he be in need of a money clip or cuff links, Silver Cellar is prepared. Once he looks the part of a true professional, gift him with a sterling silver business card holder! Check out our selection today.
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Silver Weddings

25 years later and they're still happily married! 

That deserves some recognition. This is the year of silver. Tradition dictates the giving of silver on a couple's 25th wedding anniversary. The Silver Cellar's got you covered. 

We have an entire wedding collection, in fact! Our personal favorite? A pink dreidel encased in a silver heart. This stunning piece celebrates both their love of each other and their devotion to their religious tradition. And, it looks simply gorgeous sitting on any mantle or fireplace. 

Check out Silver Cellar's entire wedding collection and show the long lasting couple in your life how much you respect their devotion to each other.
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Last Minute Hanukkah Gifts

Sometimes we drop the ball on gift giving. It happens to the best of us. The key is to send something immediately! Silver Cellar offers an incredibly selection of meaningful jewelry that'll fit the bill perfectly. Check out our selection today and catch the tail end of the holiday.
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Sterling Silver Gifts By Great Artists
Silver Cellar has everything from Kiddush Cups and Mezuzahs to Challah Trays and Silver Candlesticks. Each and everything is an important artifact to a Jewish person's cultural life and the Silver Cellar has them all. What is more, they also happen to be made in Israel from materials local to the area.

Not enough? These are beautiful pieces and many of them are designed by notable artists. You can browse the page linked here for unique pieces categorized by the artists who designed them. Each appears to be more beautiful then the next. These are charming pieces beautifully made.
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A New Menorah This Year?
Ordering your menorah in advance of this year's Hanukkah is a great way to prepare for the holiday. Sure, we are still a couple of months away from this being an immediate concern, but chances that you will forget as things move closer are more and more likely.

Of course Silver Cellar home of the best Judaica gifts including beautiful silver candlesticks is the best place to find your new menorah. As with all of the sterling silver gifts and those made from other materials there is a wide array of options made in Israel and available at just the strike of a few keys.
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One Of A Kind Wallets

In a slight deviation from the silver and wood we specialize in, Silver Cellar offers a collection of Mighty Wallets. These Mighty Wallets come in seven different unique styles that are sure to inspire envy from the younger crowd.

Whether you opt for a practically decorated NYC Subway Map style or the funkier Graffiti option, you're certain to exude originality and flavor. Mighty Wallets are good for anyone, but would make an especially appreciated Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift!

Even if these don't stir your interest, be sure to check out Silver Cellar's more traditional gifts.
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Gifts For Bubbi

Everyone has a special spot in their hearts for their bubbi. This year, show her exactly how much she means to you by gifting her with something truly magical. 

Whether you decide to go the practical (but still incredibly luxurious) route with a Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup or honey dish, or opt for jewelry, you are sure to find something that really speaks to Bubbi's essence. 

If you opt for jewelry, we highly recommend the Silver Cellar's Judaica bracelets. These come in a number of styles with sterling silver and semi-precious stones. 

Check out our website and give a gift that will be truly appreciated this year.
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Silver For Baby

There's no reason why the pleasantries of Silver should be limited to the adult world. Babies can reap the benefits of the Silver Cellar's collections as well. 

Rather than gifting the mom-to-be in your life with another set of blocks or a tenth box of baby wipes, offer her something truly exceptional. Our children's crystal earrings come in four equally sparkly colors and are the perfect size for even the smallest of babies. Or, go the more traditional route and gift a new mom with a traditional Jewish baby cup. 

Whatever you choose, mom and baby will thank you.
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Time Is Running Out, Order A New Menorah For Hanukkah
Maybe we only just highlighted our stellar selection of Menorahs recently but with Hanukkah this close it seems to bare repeating. Now is your chance to prepare for the holiday with the best looking, most ornately perfectly designed menorah around. Maybe you are not feeling happy with your current menorah or maybe you just realized you did not have one, do not put getting one off any longer!

Obviously a place with this wide a selection of Judaica gifts and silver candlesticks is sure to have the best menorahs on the market. Do not settle for one you find at your local Target. Order one from Silver Cellar today!
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Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts
If you are looking for a Judaica gift for a loved one’s Bat Mitzvah then you have come to the right Google+ page. We at Silver Cellar offer a wide array of sterling silver gifts as well as gifts in a wide array of other materials. Each and every item is special in its expression of Jewish faith and offers itself as a charming and often decorative reminder of that faith.

These double tulip candle holders are a great option for young women making their special right of passage. The Bat Mitzvah is one of the best times to give a gift that is both charming and rooted in Judaism.
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Beautiful Sterling Silver Gifts
This is an absolutely perfect Challa Tray. It is perfect for Shabbat or any other special occasions when a Challa is in order. Like a lot of the perfect sterling silver gifts available from the Silver Cellar it is made in Israel and offers an ornate and pretty accent to any event you use it for.

The beautiful Judaica gifts like this tray are the kind of things you would likely hope to receive yourself for a special occasion. As such it is actually a great idea to have a few on hand for when birthdays or other occasions spring up.
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Silver Candlesticks and Other Judaica Gifts!
Visit to take a look at our gorgeous sterling silver gifts, including mezuzahs and Kiddush cups!
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