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Juliette Siegfried
Explorer of broader forms of music, love, and family
Explorer of broader forms of music, love, and family

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Having fun building a new website and blog all about my passion - techno music artists and events and the entire electronic dance music world!

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Techno writers have the best job ever! "Askaig illustrates Becks understanding of the Drumcode aesthetic as he contrasts the brutal force of a slamming kick, huge throbbing bass and crunchy pads with the delicate, ever-so-trippy plucked string hook via an arrangement that enhances and the raw power of the individual elements. On the flip side, Mock Tease completes the package with an end-of-night bridging track that combines the shimmering euphoric qualities of pulsing harmonics with splashes of sound effects and a marching, percussive rhythm that extenuates the epic feel of the track."

Significant bike ride for me today, to the town of Delft and back, with Maya and Roland. It was sunny and rainy, and overall a lovely trip. It seems symbolic of the alternately sunny and stormy weekend I've had emotionally, from which I have also emerged with a smile.

Right now, the rain soothes.
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