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Robots playing The Ace of Spades

Practicing for their next Gig at the BigDayOut in Melbourne Australia, Jan 26th.

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rocking 4 arms and a double kick equipped 14 piece pearl kit stickboy brings precision that meatbag drummers can only dream about.

78 fingers. 78 hydraulic actuated, so fast you can't see them string manipulators and a head that just won't quit, fingers is here to do one thing.

bass in the place yo! one of the first things our new management did was point out that we needed a bass player.

Without any doubt, the heaviest metal rock band ever (6 tons) ;)

Here's stickboy playing at Glastonbury (England) in 2009
Roborock On Tour Australia

And another of Stickboy and Fingers rockin in Maxéville (France)
robots rockin´
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